Why Wireless Security Systems Are as Effective as Wired Systems?

Why Wireless Security Systems Are as Effective as Wired Systems?

When you need a simple yet effective security system in your house or office and to communicate with others, then the first thing that comes to your mind is wired or wireless technology. Well, wireless security systems are an advanced technology and other devices that offer loads of advanced features like leave a message, silent mode, and quick response. Most of you have a lot of expectations pinned to your security system. Well, you must choose the system that fulfills those expectations by offering the doorbell features that answer the door when you are not at home.

Which System Is Better?

Which system is suitable for you? The answer to this question depends on your needs. Both security systems come with different features so that it will be your decision, what you need from your security system. For instance, a wired security system can be more reliable for you. On the other hand, the system that contains infrared technology gives more streamlined installation. The network of security systems and its sensors communicate and connect with the outer world. Learn more about the pros and cons of these systems.

Wired Security System

The other name of this system is digital video recorder. It records videos with cameras. This system is durable, if you use high-quality wires to connect the devices. The majority of the installation companies prefer to use Cat6 plenum wires to offer longevity and solid signals. These devices work 24/7 to record videos and provide solid security to your building. Some of the pros and cons of this system are here.


  1. Offers simple maintenance and set up
  2. Suitable for large areas
  3. No chance of hacking


  1. Can be messy with a net of wires
  2. More chances to damage
  3. Costly installation
  4. No mobility

Wireless Security system

Do you know about the smart automation systems in buildings? The wireless security system manages it very well.  It is famous with the name of the Wi-Fi security system that is much better for the huge buildings either offices or residential. It works with the AC power. This system works on the wireless internet system. Some of the pros and cons of this system are here.


  1. Needs less requirements for installation and adjustment
  2. Simple and easy to operate
  3. Contains modern features like machine learning
  4. Uses cloud storage
  5. Allows to view footage anywhere


  • Cloud storage fee
  • Spotty video quality
  • Needs batteries to charge
  • Hacking chances are higher

Wireless VS Wired Security system

There are times when you want to know who is at the door before receiving the person. Wireless home security cameras have a solution to this issue also. With wireless security systems, you receive a phone call when someone presses the doorbell. To communicate with these cameras, you need a reliable base station for PRO and security devices on the secured special wireless networks. Some of its benefits are given below

  • Includes Ethernet cable and power adapter
  • Includes local storage backup
  • Prolongs battery life, Offers long-range connectivity
  • Connects securely pro, and cameras to the internet through the home router of the customer.

The use of the wired security system is good for the majority of the people. It is useful in small apartments or grocery shops. The audio and video quality is excellent. You can compare it with the performance of the wireless system. You can customize the quality of video over 1080p. The wired security comes with built-in batteries and it is connected with hard wiring. The security device will not give a low-quality video and audio delivery.


  • The Installation of both wired and wireless security system will be done as per your given time and date.
  • Expert and professional staff is there to fix the issues for both the systems
  • Learn how to use the system including the smartphone app


  • Both the wired and wireless cameras offer 24/7 monitoring, response within 90 seconds if alarms require the dispatch of authorities.
  • Both security system gives an efficient monitoring center will be at your service within 2 minutes
  • There will be no false alarm with both the systems.

Is it safe to use wireless systems?

It is low power and formed for all devices of the security system. It can only be connected to the security cameras. The base station of a wireless security system allows the cameras to link in a secured way. It is a very limited router that sets up for the sole objective to attach the cameras to the internet. A user needs a USB drive for video recording, if he is using a Pro system. The video that is recorded to the cloud it records locally. If there is any interruption, then the video is available locally but not available on cloud storage. You can eject the drive and watch the video on any device.

There are two notifications possible upon recording and detecting motion. On the mobile device, you will get the push notification. Get email notification when the video is uploaded to the cloud. You will get the link to view the video.

  • It has a durable construction.
  • The base station has an attractive appearance.
  • The battery charge lasts for a long time.

Live Video- Anywhere, Anytime

Get a piece of mind in the palm of your hands by buying Base station and HomeControl flex. The use of the Telguards interactive system is ideal because it intends with the video system. It allows end users to watch live video, images, and event-triggered clips on the tablets, computers and smartphones. The use of this system is ideal and more comprehensive.

Final verdict

It is the time of modern technology. Therefore, the use of the wireless security system is getting popular but it needs to use some cables to make it functional. Do you want 24/7 monitoring? All wireless security systems give loud beeps but what, if someone is not in the home? Wireless security systems provide the solution to this issue because they are a true security solution. You will get a message on your mobile device if you use security devices. The security system will call you in case of no response against beeps. Security camera monitors your system, home, surrounding 24/7.