Using An SEO Consultant To Amp Up Your SEO Strategy During COVID-19

Using An SEO Consultant To Amp Up Your SEO Strategy During COVID-19

It is without a doubt that it is the job of an SEO consultant in and around the Gold Coast to pay attention to the current state of Google and what their future holds for businesses as well as the general landscape of SEO. Over the past few years, we’ve seen several changes for our friends at Google, particularly in regards to Search, and how those changes impact our planning, implementation, as well as reporting on campaigns.

With 2020 being in full swing, we thought it would be beneficial to remind you of the SEO trends that you need to pay attention to as well as ensure they are in the current strategy going forward.

It has also never been a better time to adapt SEO strategies to lessen the blow of COVID-19 on organic traffic. As markets, we have the opportunity to test and identify areas of concern in order to increase our value proposition while ensuring that we remain in tune with trends that users are searching for.

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the day-to-day lives and operations of people and businesses worldwide. With unprecedented unemployment rates, some countries experiencing emptier shelves, and more and more people working from home, we’ve all had to adapt to the state of our current reality.

With that being said, have you considered how the pandemic has impacted consumer behaviour and how users search as a byproduct has changed? There are two things worth noting:

  • Due to COVID-19, search patterns and behaviour has changed and this isn’t going to change anytime soon particularly because “at home” keyword modifiers continue to rise;
  • There’s been a huge demand for consumerism shifting from desire-based purchases and more towards users buying what they see as essential for their health and fitness.

Having an SEO consultant Gold Coast will help you shift your SEO and content strategy to meet your audience and maintain relevance. This is how it’ll work:

Make Sure Your Site Has A Page on COVID-19

If your business is under what’s considered as an essential service or it has been significantly impacted by the virus, it’s beneficial to have a page dedicated to COVID-19.  A dedicated page capturing coronavirus traffic can help you gain the lost traffic you’ve sustained at its outbreak. An SEO consultant will tell you that you don’t need to update ongoing coronavirus stories, a simple guideline and what your company is doing will suffice.

The fact that you have a page, or some form of content on your website about the pandemic will assist instill trust in your brand. If you run a cafe or own a restaurant, creating content about precautionary measures you’re taking to ensure the health and safety of the food you serve and delivering to consumers is a great start. If you sell products, speak about what production measures have been put in place. For retail stores that have been forced to close, addressing purchase strategies such as online orders and the process of deliveries.

Now that you know that people are at home, are there ways that your products and services can assist users deal with the pandemic?

Come Up With Engaging Topics Relating To Content You Create 

In order to capture the needed traffic for new search demands, make sure that topics you come up with are engaging and essential for users. The right content can help boost your SEO especially with a professional SEO consultant on the Gold Coast. An SEO company will be able to help you with the best content strategy based on what your audiences and other users are searching for. By implementing the right pieces of content, your traffic will increase and you’ll have a lead on other competitors.

Time To Work On Conversions

During COVID-19, another crucial thing to do is to test, test and test! Your current traffic can actively suit your site’s ability to convert traffic into quality customers. If your A/B testing and other conversion rate optimization testing strategies and tactics isn’t applicable due to a decline in traffic, fear not, there are things you can do.

  • You can identify keywords users are leaning towards to find your website as well as pages bringing in traffic with the help of an SEO consultant on the Gold Coast. They’ll also be able to adjust your SEO keyword strategy and, or on-page copy to align your intentions in the search with the relevant pages.
  • Are there any fiction points in the conversion process? Call an SEO consultant to help you identify those points and start working on improving them.Another point for you to look at testing the number of fields you’re asking online users to fill. Once they’ve been identified, look at ways to enhance the entire user experience; this helps with the customers conversion.

There are so many other things that can help your SEO and with the help of a digital marketing and SEO consultant on the Gold Coast!

At Bird Dog, we’re dedicated to helping customers find the best solution for their digital needs, especially now during COVID-19. Speak to us.