On The Whole Learning Elaborating Open Source API Tools

On The Whole Learning Elaborating Open Source API Tools

API Testing Purpose

More companies are making the shift to DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), and continual deployment (CD), so test feedback must be faster than ever. Your test automation efforts can be hampered if you focus only on UI automation, which is notoriously slow. You must ensure that your apps are ready for shipping as you scramble to make sure they are. API Tester should be part of your overall automation strategy. Modern software development relies heavily on APIs, particularly as more developers abandon monolithic applications to adopt a micro services approach to software development. API testing is more important than ever as micro services are the backbone for most of the newer development efforts. Please visit the link for more information https://apitester.org .

API Testing Adoption

In 2014, I wrote a book on API testing because I thought it was going to explode. However, it has not taken off for many reasons. One, while many companies claim to be agile they still have roles for testers and developers. Developers believe that developers should do API testing. Testers think the opposite. Developers may not know how to test an API. Testers are more likely to be unable or unwilling to learn. Instead, they focus on what they do know: UI automation.

AI Considered a Great help

Some vendors have developed utilities that use AI to automate manual UI tests and convert them into API tests, in order to simplify API testing. These tools work as sniffers and use machine learning to detect patterns and link services. Users interact with them by using the tools. These methods are becoming more sophisticated, so you can see how API test generation will become significantly simpler. This functionality is not yet available in any open-source API tool, but that should not stop you from starting. You will be able to test APIs in AI-driven API futures. These are the top 11 API testing software that will help you on your journey. The descriptions below will guide you in selecting the right fit for you.

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REST – Assured is the first tool I use to automate APIs when using Java. It is my main tool for API testing. REST-Assured, a Java library that can fluently test HTTP-based REST service requests is available. It integrates with any Java-based automation framework and was designed for testing. REST-Assured API is not designed to require you to be an HTTP expert. It offers a behavior-driven development (BDD-like) language that allows you to create API testing in Java. You do not need to write anything from scratch because there are many pre-built functionalities.

Bonus: If you are like me and you use the Serenity automation platform, REST-Assured seamlessly integrates with it. This means that you can combine your REST and UI tests into one framework that generates amazing reports. Validating and testing REST services in Java is more difficult than in dynamic languages like Ruby and Groovy. This is another reason to use REST – Assured. It brings the simplicity of those languages into Java. REST-Assured API testing is highly recommended if your team consists mainly of Java programmers.