How To Make Your Air Conditioning Business Ready For Google?

How To Make Your Air Conditioning Business Ready For Google?

People who work at Heater, Ventilation, and Air Condition firms are not strangers to hard work. Their jobs usually require heavy lifting or managing pretty heavy loads, getting into hard-to-reach and sometimes uncomfortable spaces under the sun’s heat, not to mention cleaning dirty equipment.

While the labor of Heating, ventilation, and Air Condition installation, maintenance, and repair are very important, firms also need to remember that it is also imperative to maintain the business’s marketing aspect. It will keep clients coming through their front door, even when it is not a busy season.

Not only that, but it will also keep their work schedule full. And when it comes to marketing an HVAC firm, the best platform to focus on is Google. Its combined organic SERP or Search Engine Result Page and Pay Per Click advertisement platform can benefit businesses when companies know how to use them as leverage to its full potential.

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In this article, we are taking a closer look at things every Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition firm needs to do on search engines like Google in this digital age, making sure that the campaigns are in good shape and that they will be ready and primed to get their first call from clients in their area.

How To Make Your Air Conditioning Business Ready For Google?

Set-Up And Optimize The Business’ Google My Business Page

The GMB page is an excellent way to generate local leads looking for products or services in the industry. It has good search visibility, especially on local searches, as well as allowing companies to share their core information about their reviews and business all on one page. When creating the GMB page, treat it like a directory listing for the business, but also remember to optimize it for more clicks, searches, and views. HVAC firms can do this by following these simple tips:

Use keywords or key phrases in their GMB profiles, including their business’ description. Use tools like Keyword Planner to find out what terms their target market is looking for. If they offer emergency Air Condition maintenance, repair, or rush installations, don’t forget to mention it to differentiate the firm from its competitors.

Upload a lot of photos. Listings with tons of photos stand out more. Share images of the office, the team, or the products that the firm is installing. It helps the company looks more transparent.

List the contact information, as well as business hours. Companies want future clients to know when they are open and how to get in touch with the service provider.

How To Make Your Air Conditioning Business Ready For Google?

Collect As Many Client Reviews As Possible

One of the best parts of Google My Business is its ability to easily and quickly collect client reviews on the Internet. Ratings that clients give the business are tied to the reviews and appear under the business’s name. It will be highly impactful and evident. Consumer reviews can break or make a firm, and having good reviews under your belt can do a lot of miracles if you want to stand out and be the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition firm that gets the client phone call.

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After every HVAC service, reach out to clients and ask them to leave a comment or review. Include links to the review page of the GMB profile to make it easy for clients to write a couple of sentences and provide the service four or even a five-star review. Companies can follow up after a couple of weeks if the client has not dropped a review.

Remember that asking clients for reviews of the service can dramatically increase the likelihood that they will get them. According to studies, most clients will be happy to leave a review, and at least 65% are willing to do so. Asking customers are the key, so make sure that the firm’s techs also talk to clients directly they have a good rapport with and let them know how their reviews mean to them and the business.

How To Make Your Air Conditioning Business Ready For Google?

Create Sites-Within-A-Site Or Microsite For Local Branches

For HVAC firms with more than one branch, the best thing they can do is create a site-within-a-site, or microsite, as well as Google My Business for every site. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition contractors need to show their names in local searches.

If a heater goes out and clients click on the website, only to see that they are based in Los Angeles while the client is living in New York, they are going to click away without knowing the service provider have branches near them. These microsites can be important small landing pages that can be optimized for location-based key phrases or keywords while listing the information for individual location businesses. It can link back to the main page, which can work pretty well for search visibility.

Final Thoughts

HVAC firms have tons of competition on the Internet, and its ability to stand out on search engines like Google organically or through Pay Per Click campaigns will dramatically improve their lead generation, as well as sales potential.

Our best internet marketing advice: maintain organic visibility, and Pay Per Click campaigns through your website, Google My Business, as well as content marketing is not the easiest job out there, but it is the best way to develop and grow the company outside of direct referrals. And while direct referrals are excellent and need to be prioritized, they also are out of everyone’s control and may take a lot of time and effort to accumulate. In this case, the best way to go is an active outreach.