5 Things To Do When Cleaning And Inspecting Your Tools

5 Things To Do When Cleaning And Inspecting Your Tools

Your industrial and general tools and machinery require continuous maintenance and upkeep for making sure they keep working correctly at all times. If you fail to do proper maintenance, you may end up experiencing equipment malfunctions and inefficient results. Breakdowns can be costly and may pose serious safety risks.

When cleaning and inspecting your industry tool supply, make sure that you do the following 5 things to ensure everything is maintained properly.

Make Sure You Check For Lubricants And Add Them If Needed

Lubricants are used for reducing friction around the moving parts and help maintain quality remove asbestos industrial tools well. Maintaining a proper lubrication maintenance schedule can help extend the lifetime of your tools and machinery.

No matter what equipment you take, lubrication remains on top of the checklist and should not be overlooked when cleaning and inspecting your tools. Make sure that you check for any signs of excessive grease or oil build-up around the pistons. Do check for any leaks around the oil seals as well.

It is also important that you use a good lubricant. Besides, every component needs a particular type of grease and oil and you should make the right choices here. Your selection should be based on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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Check For Any Signs Of Wear

Shock, vibration, friction, high temperatures, and age all lead to different parts breaking down, especially when it comes to heavy machinery.

  • Vibration may result from the belts and gears which aren’t properly aligned.
  • High temperatures may be caused by extended use of the equipment, friction, worn parts, and poor lubrication, etc.
  • Shock may happen due to accidents caused by poor technique of the operator.
  • Age can affect various key components. Over time, belts tend to wrap, seals start drying and cracking, and bolts loosen up and get out of shape. So, all these signs of your tools wearing out should be kept in check.

If any kind of wear and tear is noticed on the moving parts within your industry tool supply, make sure that you replace those worn parts quickly.

Remove Any Rust And Corrosion

When rust and corrosion start forming on your tools, even the superior industrial tools become unsafe to use. So, you should better try and remove it or simply get the parts replaced. You shouldn’t have any problems removing the rust from your tools if not much damage has been caused already.

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Get Cracked Housing Repaired For Your Power Tools

If the housing of your power tools has been cracked, you should not use it. First, get it repaired and make sure it is safe to use. Unless you can repair it yourself, you might need to call in for professional repairs.

Check For Exposed Wires Or Frayed Insulation

Yes, these are the electrical hazards and you should be careful about them. While any small issues can be temporarily taken care of using electrical tape, you’d be better off getting your tools repaired before you use them again.

With these simple checks, you can make sure that your tools remain in proper working order. Besides, it helps ensure that they are safe to use too.