Types Of Air Conditioner Coils And How They Work

Types Of Air Conditioner Coils And How They Work


There are multiple types of air conditioners today. You can have the regular air conditioner with the multiple internal and external units. This is well understood by most of us. However, the newest improvement in air conditioning is the fan-coil which is an improved version of the previous types.

The fan-coil air conditioners are working like the normal ones only that they have water running inside their tubes. This is because it has been shown that water is a greater carrier of heat or cold, especially for longer distances. The system keeps on working with liquid agents like R-32 or freon which are there to improve the interchangeability of thermal energy back and forth.

Air conditioners are great to produce cool air and can also give you heated air during winter. However, the fan coil is a combination of these two, giving you more specialized temperature adjustment in your house according to the external environment conditions.

The fan-coil system

First, you need to place an external unit in the outer yard of your house. This is the place where the exchange of thermal energy is being done when the system operates. Then you need to place some solid tubes to perform the transfer of the coolant liquid to the internal unit. This is where the coolant gives additional energy to the water circulating in the home system.

This heated (or chilled) water is circulating back to the internal tubes of your house finding the terminals where it is giving the energy back to the room. This is perceived by people in the room as extra heating or chill and is also performed using special fans that are mounted on top of the terminals.

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These fans are circulating the heated (or chilled) air through the rooms and take back all the cold air coming towards the terminals. This is, in brief, the fan-coil system that is the most energy-efficient system to provide climate control to your house no matter what the external conditions may be.

Standard air conditioning system

This is a system well known for its efficiency during the past decades. The cooling system is comprised of two separate units, one for the external environment and one for the internal. This system uses electric power to rotate a pump which takes the hot air from inside the room and presses it to the external environment.

In the meantime, this procedure is facilitated by the existence of the liquid coolant that transfers heat a lot more quickly in short distances. That’s why the external unit shouldn’t be placed more than 10 feet away from the internal one; otherwise, the system would lose its efficiency in cooling or heating the interior rooms.

The standard air conditioning should be placed on each room separately since there was no point in operating a larger unit in houses that have multiple rooms. The heated air would never reach the last room.

That is why all the traditional air conditioners were mounted on every room, increasing the cost of heating.


Modern air conditioners are energy efficient and can give you improved operation no matter how spacey your house may be. The coils are the internal ducts of the liquid coolant while the fans are the final elements which are going to serve as conductors of heat or chill to the rooms.

Air conditioning has been extremely affordable for most of the people and is considered to be a must for all modern houses and public buildings. Keep in mind that big brands are opting for the best devices to give more sophisticated air conditioning services to the people.

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