The Drone Era: The Emergence Of Drones

The Drone Era: The Emergence Of Drones

It is fairly easy to find drones today that offers quality aerial video, portability, and easy handles. However, having drones is not that easy on a budget, especially if you’re new to the world of drones. Drones can be too much of a luxury if you don’t know what to look for. Take a look at the history of these amazing little aircrafts.

The Birth Of Drones

Drones are practically aerial vehicles without drivers, and were originally used by soldiers to carry explosives to attack their enemies. Years after the first unmanned aerial vehicle, several unmanned winged aircraft were produced, again for the military. However, they stopped developing more of these weapons because they believed it had limited potential. Later on, the military geniuses attempted to use drones during the Cold War but the details were hidden from the public eye. Today, military drones are used to mark enemy positions, and to take pictures of targets and then go back to its base.

The Introduction Of Commercial Drones

In year 2006, the release of the first non-military drone was reported. Several government agencies used the drones for their projects. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues permits for the use of drones for recreational purposes. It is actually surprising that the drone industry boomed just this decade when it literally existed a long time ago.

Commercial Drones Today

In its early years, commercial drones were far too costly for an average user to buy. However, today, you can find the best drones even on a budget. Of course, the budget-friendly drones will have reduced functionalities as compared to the expensive ones. But there are some outstanding yet affordable drones you can find on the market.

You can now get the best drone features such as extra slow speed settings, HD cameras, and high durability for as low as $150.

Selecting The Best Drones For Your Needs

If you’re under the budget, or a beginner in the drone community, then the low-cost drones might be the best for you. The low-cost drones have actually been through upgrades as well to keep up with the expensive ones. They are also easy to control, and have pretty decent features as well.

However, if you’re into more advanced stuff such as location marking, photography, or more intelligent flight controls, then you may need to invest just a little bit more.