Iphone Xs Vs Iphone X: What’s The Difference?

Iphone Xs Vs Iphone X: What’s The Difference?

For many people Apple iPhone XS has a lot of the same features and looks like iPhone X, however, some significant changes have been made in the new model. Talking about the display, processors, and cameras, Apple has made an effort to bring a better and advanced model in terms of performance and speed. As iPhone X stands out from the previous models, just as iPhone XS has a unique appeal in the market.

Difference between iPhone X and iPhone Xs2

The iPhone XS has got the same look like the original iPhone X, and various features have undergone a noticeable change in its new version. Let’s reveal what is the difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS, have a glance below;


The display size of both models is the same. There is no change in the OLED panel measurement between iPhone X and iPhone XS. The size is similar to 5.8 inches.


Every new iPhone released by Apple Inc brings a fast and better processor. In the case of iPhone X, it was the A11 Bionic processor, while in the latest model of iPhone XS we can see that the processor is upgraded to the A12 Bionic processor. This is truly the main improvement to the iPhone XS which differentiates it from iPhone X. next, A12 Bionic processor delivers the best performance boost and consumes less power than A11. The A12 GPU is proved to be faster and delivers noteworthy changes as compared to its predecessors.

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Upgraded and Improved Modem

It is not merely the processor of iPhone XS that is upgraded but a new modem that is capable of supporting the fastest LTE connectivity. The iPhone XS is tested and proven to be the best model that offers faster uploads and download speeds as compared to the iPhone X. It is worth mentioning that many Apple iPhone XS users have believed that it is the best model with optimum improvements and upgrading than its predecessor iPhone X.


With the new iPhone XS, camera upgrading has driven massive photographic improvements that include image signal processor (ISP). However, like iPhone X, the new iPhone XS has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera lens and a 7 MP front camera for capturing selfies. The sensor lens is also upgraded in iPhone XS and allows the users to take clear pictures in darker settings.

The iPhone XS is capable of shooting multiple exposures for balanced photography while reducing shutter lag. You will find the noticeable difference between the two cameras of iPhone X and iPhone XS once you will take a shot yourself. iPhone XS also features excellent video capabilities by its larger sensor lens and sharp camera footage.


Talking about the water-resistance and durability features of the two models, you will find a huge difference. Apple iPhone X is capable of water-resistance up to 3 feet depth for 30 minutes while iPhone XS is a little bit more durable. It features 6 feet of water-resistance without damaging your phone.