Floor Decals – Get in with The Types First Before Making a Choice

Floor Decals – Get in with The Types First Before Making a Choice

Whenever any business thinks about advertising their product, they don’t usually go for the flooring space. They might not even think of using this space at all for advertising. But adding ads to the floor is one excellent use of that given space. Placing the graphics on the ground in their strategic places is original, creative, and will be a perfect mode to connect with people’s shopping experience.

That’s why most decal manufacturing industries are currently focusing on floor decals these days. These decals are larger stickers and made from printed vinyl. There are three major layers that you will come across. The base one is the flexible substrate, whose main goal is to hold the printed design you want.

On its top, you have the anti-skin laminated coating. Also known as a matte mask, the main goal of this layer is to offer a non-slip surface. It even adds a level of durability to the item and will keep the design from getting scratched, discolored ort scraped. And then finally, the last layer is that of a strong adhesive, which is easily attached to the graphic to the floor surface.

Works Out Well with Branding:

Floor decal can actually work well with the company’s branding. If you want, you have every right to customize the decals with any color, shape, graphic, image, or text you want. That gives you limitless options to watch out for. The placement of these decals is completely based on your selected design choice and its intention.

If you want, you can easily create some lines for the customers to follow, especially during this pandemic scenario with 6 feet distance maintenance. Moreover, the floor decal can add some extra attention to the display. Or else, you can try scattering the decals throughout the business floor. These stickers seem perfect for showing off your company’s logo, business values, mission statements, and any form of public relations media.

Go for the Basics:

Whenever aiming for the types, the vinyl floor decal is the most common example to watch out for. You can currently see their usage as a social distancing floor decal. They are pretty easy to stick and even peel when the task is covered.

  • For any short-term interior applications, these stickers are perfect. They can adhere to various surface areas.
  • However, it is recommended not to place these stickers on cement, asphalt, or carpet as they won’t stick on such surfaces well.
  • Each decal comes with a protective overlay for withstanding most cleaning and chemical methods.

Aluminum Ones Are There Too:

In case a vinyl sticker is not your cup of tea, you have the aluminum floor decal to do the trick for you. These decals are primarily made using rugged aluminum foil material, which will make them anti-slip resistant. So, you can enjoy stability like never before. Whether you are making plans to use these decals for indoor or outdoor use, you can do that!

So, waste no time and check out all the types before finalizing the floor decals. You can customize any one you want.