Best Tech Advancements Of The Century

Best Tech Advancements Of The Century

Progression is an inevitable process that has been happening for centuries as the time moves on. Mankind has progressed immensely since the early Neanderthal years. With everything growing and time moving forward, things changed and more progression occurred over. Similarly, more and more technological advancements took place making life easier, yet challenging to thrive in this competitive world.

Technological progress or development is the process of the invention for innovation with the greater diffusion of technology. This development took over our society and changed the overall outlook from the peasant living into a civilized/modern living. We can see the change in almost everything that is around us during the past hundred years. According to Gordon E. Moore (the co-founder of Intel), we can see the progress of technology by a number of transistors being used considering the exponential growth of the industry. This progression, in turn, gives rise to trade and industries. People are highly encouraged to invest in businesses and flourish as booming entrepreneurs. Technology facilitates us in every walk of life. Businessmen are encouraged to invest even if they don’t have enough capital it can be easily generated. Thanks again to the development of technology, you can easily grab a fast capital 360 line of credit, with the help of even online evaluation facilities. Who could think of these easy business solutions and other advancements, in the past? This century has been as revolutionary as it was at the invention of the wheel.

Talking about advancements over here, I am so overwhelmed by what all technology has offered us in the past few years. Technology has been quite expeditious in the current era, compared to the last three decades. Let us take a walkthrough, to count all the bliss of technology in our lives, directly or indirectly, for individuals or the corporate world; the following inventions have benefited some people in one way or the other:

Gps – Global Positioning System

GPS is another progression of an existing technology which was developed by the US department of defence in 1974. It identifies the geographical location of the person using that gadget with satellites in space. It has a widespread use all around the world from astronomy to our cars navigation system. This was invented at the aerospace corporation and the applied physics laboratory. GPS became commercially available for general use when the first modernised satellite was launched in 2005. We can see GPS being used all around us from mobile phones to laptops and many other electronic gadgets.

Gene Editing 

Gene editing is a process of making changes to the existing DNA of any organism CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) is a tool for drastic changes to an organism’s DNA. Discovered in 2012 by the researchers from the University of California Berkeley and a team from Harvard University. CRISPR is actually a bacterial immune system, eventually being used to edit the genes with maximised accuracy. Gene editing has played a big role in eradicating or reducing the intensity of some major genetic diseases that have been around for centuries, are now in the hope of for a complete cure due to this medical revolution. CRISPR can even be used to edit humans/babies being born, eventually providing the facility of designer babies. This is still a controversial matter and less likely to be adopted.

Robots And Robotics

In 2003, the University of California, Berkeley, students created a robotic device which could be attached to the lower back in order to augment strength in humans. This invention comes under robotic exoskeleton. The demand and manufacturing of robotic exoskeletons for the purpose of physical rehabilitation have been on quite a rise.


Cryptocurrency is another revolutionary concept changing the way we used to conduct financial transactions, offering secure transparent and a decentralized way to do business. This is due to the blockchain technology that there is an incorruptible way to record transactions between the two parties through a digital ledger. Blockchain technology was first introduced in 2008 to create bitcoin, the first decentralised cryptocurrency. However now the same technology is being adopted in other financial sectors and industries, for money transfer, supply chain, etc. After Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies were launched.


This is another word that has been buzzing around a lot lately. Internet of things (IOT) was originally conceived by sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy, who predicted that it will be seen being used in many consumer devices and appliances during the 21st century. This is the fastest developing concept of the 21st century and has got the heat of discussions in the current era. Imagine your car starts automatically the moment you sit in the car, by just authenticating a password is another revolutionary aspect of technology. The everyday devices converted to simply voice command automation is a blessing by the virtue of the IoT tool. It has great potential to open the doors of the fourth industrial revolution, with the innovation in areas like artificial intelligence and robotics.

Multi-Use Rockets

One of the most revolutionary advancements of Technology was produced recently by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. He will be less known for his contributions towards electric cars, however, his contributions towards space exploration is a giant leap ahead. He developed a private space exploration company, developing the SpaceX rockets that can be reused for other launches. Space X became the first used rocket deployed on March 30, 2017. Amazon Jeff Bezos launched blue origin, its own reusable rocket.


Evolution of Technology is a constant and inevitable process. However, it’s important to get the best out of it and assure that it is not being used for destruction. Scientists, industrialists and investors are constantly searching for ways and means to bring a breakthrough in developing and inventing new technology. Without investors, any research or development, cannot take place. Development or incorporating new ideas have to go through a lot of stages and require a whole team of people to push it forward and bring it into the people’s life.