Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

It’s no surprise that the future of work maintains a digital landscape with hybrid-remote models projected to stay in the long-term future. A digital mailroom is a great example of how digital transformation is possible. As organizations pick up the pieces from the pandemic many are realizing the benefits of consolidating their physical locations and moving to entirely or partially remote “hotelling” structures. 

In doing so, organizations are maintaining the flexibility of working remotely and contributing huge cost-savings to their bottom line. Some barriers exist to this now semi-permanent model, the foremost being — accessibility. 

Improved Security 

When your organization big or small moves from a physical location to a digital landscape they must be able to access data and information with ease and security. A digital mail solution enables your organization to not only encrypt all its assets but automatically triggers audit trails to facilitate complete transparency into every action item related to an asset.

With a physical mailroom, there is no way to control who has access to sensitive pieces of mail, and who has actually seen the information that is stored within it. With digitized mail, every step of each piece of mail is tracked, recorded, and monitored. Only authorized users will be able to access mail that has personal information or other types of information that must be kept out of public view.

Drives Business Continuity

In order for the remote work structure to be successful, your organization must enable its teams to access information and documents from anywhere. As this hybrid-remote structure becomes more permanent it is increasingly important to facilitate accessibility. A digital mail solution drives that accessibility, prompting mail into your hands sooner, driving quicker businesses decision. This kind of fast turn-around improves KPI metrics. 

By moving your inbound mail processes into the digital sphere not only do you improve accessibility and KPIs for your customers but also for your organization. Digital mail solutions also provide insight into workloads and response time enabling company-wide efficiencies. 

Reduces Costs

Physical mail is laden with hidden costs ranging from labor, transportation, storage, duplication, and swirl mail. By moving your organization to the digital sphere at its point of entry you eliminate all these paper-driven costs. 

By cutting back the resources that you would normally use in order to facilitate the cumbersome physical mailroom, you not only cut down on the amount of money that goes out into the procedure itself, but you cut costs in the way of fuel, materials, and other valuable expenditures that will ultimately save a significant amount of money.

Increased Response Times

In order to maintain a high level of customer service and uphold time-sensitive correspondence, it is imperative to have a speedy response time. With a digital mailroom in place, every response can be within a matter of minutes as opposed to the three days that snail mail takes. Faster response times mean more compliance and happier clients.

Is a Digital Mailroom Right for Your Business?

Implementing a digital mailroom is not the right choice for every business. However, if your business takes on a large amount of physical mail on a regular basis, you could greatly benefit from transforming your legacy paper mail to the modern-day digital mail solution. Cutting costs, heightening security, and maintaining lightning-fast continuity are huge perks from having a digital mailroom. The transformation process might be easier than you think. There is no time better than the present moment to take the next steps towards your digital mail solution.