5 Ways to Make Protein Powder Taste Better

5 Ways to Make Protein Powder Taste Better

Nowadays, more people are into protein supplements to improve their physique. But since there are plenty of choices, finding the best tasting protein powder that appeals to your palate could be challenging. Some protein powders come in delicious flavours, while others may be unpalatable.

If you waste money on protein powders that taste bad, you need to learn how to make your protein drinks taste better. Here are several ways to make your protein-enriched drinks more delicious.

Mix Properly

The right taste and texture are important to make the best protein powder for drinking. It is never fun to drink lumpy protein shakes, which is why it is necessary to invest in the right blender to create your drinks.

But in case you have no access to a blender, you need to ensure that the protein powder is well incorporated with your preferred liquid. You can put all the ingredients of your protein shake inside a mason jar, close it tightly, shake it continuously to get the right flavour. It will help you achieve the consistency that you are aiming for in a protein-enhanced drink.

Invest in High-Quality Protein

If you want the yummiest protein shakes all the time, it is important to buy the most excellent protein powder that you can find on the market. Most of the time, inexpensive protein supplements have low quality. They come with an unappealing taste and texture.

The best protein powder supplements are made without any unnecessary fillers and artificial flavours. As a result, it does not taste weird and has no unexplainable texture. Aside from checking the price, it would help if you request a sample or get the smallest pack of protein powders in stores. It will help you avoid getting stuck in a product that you will end up throwing in the trash.

Add Some Orange Juice 

There are times when even the most expensive protein powders taste a little weird, especially for those who are consuming these supplements for the first time. To mask the unfamiliar taste, you can add a little orange juice instead of mixing it with water.

The citrusy flavour of the orange juice will overpower the taste of the protein powder. It will help you forget what the supplement tastes like. Orange juice works well with vanilla-flavoured protein powder. You can also combine it with blueberry and strawberry protein powders.

Mix Other Flavors 

Shop for strong-flavoured fruits that you would like to incorporate in your protein shake. They can help mask the strong taste of whey protein that gives these supplements its unpalatable taste. Some of the best fruit choices for this purpose include mangoes, bananas, berries, and pineapple.

You can also add spices to make your protein drink taste better. Strong spices like mint, nutmeg, cinnamon, and fenugreek work wonder in changing the taste of protein powders. These spices can also add more nutrients to the drink that could benefit your health.

 Keep It Cool

Most of the time, protein shakes taste a lot better when chilled. Some protein powders may even give off some unpleasurable taste at room temperature.

To ensure that your drink remains cold and tasty, you may add ice to the drink. You may also place the drink in an insulated bottle to keep it cold for hours.

Protein powders have plenty of proven health benefits. But despite all the perks that come with it, you may have a hard time consuming the drink because of its unique taste. So always make sure that you will prepare your protein shake properly to make it taste great.