10 Pandemic-Proof Online Business Ideas

10 Pandemic-Proof Online Business Ideas

It’s the last month of the year 2020, and we are still under the menace of COVID-19. It seems the pandemic is here to stay for long, even in 2021. But, as they say, life must go on, and so it will with the new-normal rules.  Amidst all the uncertainties and economic failures, there was a silver lining, and that was growing online business.

During the COVID-19 period, the online industry has grown substantially and has made profits as compared to the offline business operators. Not all online businesses were successful during the pandemic; however, a few stood apart and will continue to do goods as per the reports.

If you too are keen on starting something online, here are your business ideas.

Education: Physically, the schools, colleges and universities may have shut down, but virtually they are operating and spreading knowledge. You too join hands and do good to the society by imparting knowledge and education. You can take online tuitions of students or if you have an expertise in a particular subject; take classes on that may be marketing, accounting, computer language. You can tie up with affiliated institutions or start on your own.

Consulting and Counselling: COVID-19 has impacted different sections of society differently. Some were affected financially, some physically, and while many mentally. As per your area of interest or expertise, start online counselling and consulting sessions. You can give mental health aid to people or tell people how to manage their finances well and where to invest and where not to. If you are a fitness professional; take yoga or exercise classes online to help people stay healthy. Be a motivational speaker, thus helping people maintain their sanity during this period of stress.

Impart Skills: It would not be wrong to say lockdown was the most productive period. It gave the people the time and space to explore their hidden talents. Some were seen baking, some trying their hands at arts and crafts, some learning the dance, etc. If you too have found your calling turn into a profession. You can take cake baking classes online and come up with your one-month course or start selling handmade goods online. If you know some foreign language, take classes online. Hone your skills and also share your knowledge with others.

Sell Products Online: If you have a business mind and funds; the best is to start your online business. Everything is online nowadays, and people prefer to order online, so it turns out to be a successful venture for you. But, you have to decide what you are going to sell carefully. Not all products may be profitable, but product niches like food and dessert items, succulent plants or any other plant variety, pharmaceuticals, beauty and spa products could prove to be profitable.

Online Business

Digital Marketing: As we said earlier, online is the king now. Take any niche, and you would find an online business in that niche. To grow the business; digital marketing is of vital importance. If you know the basics of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, paid advertising, Google Analytics or have at least an experience in any one module, you are good to go. Freelance for companies, give classes online or start your own digital marketing agency.

Drop Shipping: With restrictions on movements, online delivery services are at an all-time high. Through these services, mostly food, medicines, groceries are delivered. Miscellaneous commodities are also delivered through an online delivery system. Start a business of online-delivery where you reach out to people with things they need directly from the store to the customer.

Time may be uncertain, but there are opportunities for you to work and grow. Tap in the right opportunity and make your dream a success.