Friday, December 18, 2015

Act Fast Friday - FREE - December 18, 2015

New York City Department of Records, 2015, Archival pigment print, 10x10".

The archives are housed in the basement of the Department of Records --  a run down stoic building on Chambers Street.  We wandered around shelves and shelves of city blue prints, hand bound leather books with census data in cursive writing.  And boxes of crime scenes, occasionally, Quinn pulling an 8x10 black and white negative, holding it up to a light, three of us gather around - a murder – we could make out a body lying on the floor, maybe a pool of blood? Too gruesome for Instagram?

I think of these archives in relation to my own work -- I save everything.  Every boarding pass, every hello and goodbye note, every flower someone once gave me, every drawing a child scrawled, sugar packets and concert tickets.

Sarah, my former photography professor came with me on the tour, given to us by Quinn, a former student of mine. Three generations of Hampshire College photographers, a real life archive.

I'm giving this image away for FREE. Yes, that's right free. What's the catch? I ask that you make a donation to the project. Those of you with a little more cash to spare, I hope you'll donate generously. Those of you with little or no cash to spare, I completely understand, it's your lucky week!  

Did you miss a week? Prior Act Fast Friday prints now available for a set price in the ARCHIVE.

Act Fast Friday is a chance for you to purchase a photograph at a super super discount. I want to democratize art and the art buying process. Every Friday, I'll switch out the image. Sometimes they will be small prints, some times large. Act Fast Friday is the latest in a series of fundraisers to complete the project + prepare for the book and installation of Are you really my friend? at MASS MoCA. Follow me on social media of your choice or sign up for alerts here, so you don't miss a chance to Act Fast!

READ the interview with Atlas Art News about Act Fast Friday to learn more. 

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