Thursday, January 9, 2014

Adventures in Athens, Georgia days 35-40

I left Raleigh, NC for Athens, GA early in the morning to avoid yet another ice storm.   I used Athens as a home base and made a day trip to Atlanta and an overnight to Clemson, SC which I will write about in individual posts.

Leaving Raleigh
Another storm?
Southern rest stop
You never know what bazaar thing you will encounter at a gas station
The down side of living on the road
Can't believe it took 35 days to pick these guys up
At least the Georgia welcome center is trying
Sort of
I wonder what they do with this information
Backroads of Georgia
Best City Hall I've come across
Sitting in still road construction traffic, a Plantation view 
I  met Marni Shindelman at fotofest in 2012 through Nate Larson.  I love the twitter project Nate and Marni are working on, and we spent a fair amount of time talking social media theory.  When I messaged her that I would be passing through Athens, she invited me to stay with her and to speak to her photo students at UGA.   I also met her friend and colleague Kelly Jones who brought her photo students as well.  I was really impressed by both the students and facilities, it warms my heart when I see such a large part of the photo department dedicated to analogue production.

Marni was a fantastic host - she went out of her way to accommodate me from setting up a work station for me to make prints to feeding me delicious meals.  I think there is an underlying bond that forms amongst artists that travel to make work, they have all gone out their way to help with the little things that are often difficult being on the road.
Kelly, Marni and their students
They left me more Post-its!

So happy to see students on their way to process film
Sign in the lab

Sociology students 
They left me post-its, too
Digital lab
Color processor still going
A photo building with light is a rare thing 
a walk through Athens
Marni makes us delicious burgers
I also was scheduled to shoot Ben Breuax, a friend of my sister Emma's who moved from Boston to Athens.   We met up for drinks, and since he is in the restaurant business, wanted to give me a guided food tour via appetizers and drinks of his favorite places.  While I was unable to schedule his formal portrait, I had a great evening out with him and fell in love with the restaurant scene in Athens.
Happy hour with Ben, Kelly and Marni 
Self portrait with Ben

Close to the end of the night we saw a guy get dressed to go out on the street:

The next morning Marni took me to one of her favorite breakfast spots.  Somewhere in there I did her portrait and hit the highly recommended taco spot on the way out of town. 

Breakfast joint
Of course they do the egg sandwich with biscuits

Marni + Tele
Living room (card catalogue = bar) 
Guest room / my room
dining room
Taco on the way out of town 
See you later, Athens

January 28-February2, 2013. miles 360, trip total 1499.

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