Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adventures in San Francisco + Oakland - Day 3, part 1

I met Kimon again for lunch and camped out at his desk (thanks Sheldon for sharing, too)  and did some work before I went and shot Ted in Pacific Heights.  I met Ted through a mutual friend, Aaron when they founded Ripple Effect in Portland.    He is working on a start up that gives points and rewards for volunteer work.   Klout meets credit cards but for doing good instead of buying useless junk.   It was great to catch up and swap stories of creating business and connecting each other to people who might be interested in our respective projects.  He took me out for Thai before I jumped on a train and headed to Oakland for  first Friday art walk.

Driving / Parking with a stick shift in SF is not for the faint of heart
burgers with Kimon
Bathroom graffiti 
My spot between Sheldon and Kimon at their office
Driving to Ted's
Broadway tunnel
Ted accurately describes his building as looking like a funeral home 
Ted Regan
Fella on Bart to Oakland

Old Hampshire friend, Miles and picked me up from the Bart station in Oakland in a 67 convertible Plymouth with his girlfriend, Elizabeth.   Even though we hadn't seen each other in almost 20 years, it was like time hadn't passed.   I've been to a lot of first friday art walks in different cities, and this was the largest and most diverse I have ever seen.  The cops blocked off streets, making it easy to walk and plenty of room for music, dancing, installations, food trucks and booths every where.  We took it all in for about an hour and headed back to their place.

video of art walk:

video of virtual reality maze:

Rockridge station sign is awesome
My ride
streets blocked off
projections on buildings
Elizabeth & Miles lead the way
drawing wall
taco truck!
sidewalk chalk art
dance party

hoarder's car

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