Friday, October 5, 2012

Adventures in NYC+Brooklyn in 5 parts - Day 7

I had morning coffee on Sarah's amazing roof deck and then headed to south Williamsburg in Brooklyn to photograph Kellen, a friend and one of my former all time favorite interns.   I was excited to see her and catch up on her new (to me) Brooklyn life.   In addition to being a great photographer, she also has an incredible eye for finding, buying and selling cool vintage things.  Keep yours eyes open, Brooklyn friends - she is ready to open a store soon!

morning coffee over Manhattan
wow, parking gods are with me - Kellen stoops it for my arrival
Kellen Tucker
Some boys don't have sheets on their beds, still. 
Super sweet old timey shelf 
whiskey in a place of honor
Kellen & her oldest friend/roommate, Menemsha serving up baked goods
Then I headed to Bed-Stuy to photograph Per & Erika.  They are part of the Seattle art contingency that moved to the east coast and I met through mutual artist friends. They both have interesting day jobs which sometimes overlap - Per creating store displays and Erika making custom wall treatments.  Per is also a photographer (he came up to do a residency at the Bakery) and he showed me a great project he did with disposable cameras.  He was working on a construction job with his brother in which they had to enter into hundreds of low to mid income apartments in one complex.  He took a snapshot that represented how the person lived in each place.  Obviously, I fell immediately in love with this project - talk about a "real" representation of home.  And speaking of home, theirs was a gorgeous two story apartment,  filled with art, trinkets and even had a giant back yard.   My last shoot of the day cancelled, so Per and I grabbed lunch and he showed me his studio in Greenpoint. 
subway tracks above my drive down broadway in brooklyn
and video of the same

Per & Erika
a goldmine of thrift store treasures in the kitchen
Per changing the record 
books and globes
entry way
living room
smoker in the backyard
planets in the backyard
community garden across the street
with chickens!!
grabbing lunch with Per in Greenpoint 
Holy amazing Mexican food at Vamos Al Tequila

water tower in greenpoint?
Per in front of his studio building
Per's paintings in progress

I made the most of my 24 or so hours in NYC and headed to the Rineke Dijkstra retrospective at the Guggenheim.   While it was a good show, and I really loved the video work, I wouldn't really call it a retrospective - it didn't feel expansive or teach me anything new like the Cindy Sherman one at MoMa.  I drove back downtown to meet my friend Jay for drinks and go Charlie's opening at Jim Kempner.   And then raced off to dinner at Juli & Kanishaka's on the Lower East Side. 

Queensboro bridge + Manhattan
Queensboro bridge closeup
Every single time I go to the Guggenheim the spiral is closed for installation.  
But the stairs are cool, too.
Drinks with Jay at the Red Cat.  I love that their bar snacks are radishes.

Driving down Broadway probably wasn't my best idea
here is the video to prove it:

Juli has the best laugh in the world
Amazing tiles she made

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