Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adventures in Cape Elizabeth & Bremen

This May, Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree held an event "Women for Pingree".  I was in New Orleans shooting, but I wanted to show my support for Chellie, so I donated a gift certificate of a portrait sitting.   Apparently a bidding war broke out, and my mom told the campaign that I would be happy to donate two gift certificates (thanks, mom) to the two highest bidders.   I am glad to be able to support Chellie through my work, even though I'm not in her district I am so glad she is a rational and progressive voice of Maine and supporter of two things dear to me: the arts and local farms.

The first shoot I did was for Meg Wolff who is a writer, life coach, and fierce advocate of a macrobiotic diet.   She decided she wanted her portrait to be of her lady friends that were coming to her house for a dinner party.  I thought this was a great idea, and really embraced my ideas of community and "family" portrait.   Meg also invited me to stay for dinner and made me feel welcome among the guests who were an engaging and fascinating bunch of women.  I felt honored to be part of the evening.

Beth Maloney, Lois Porta, Janel Volker, Avery Kamila, Kim Block, Lisa Karlan, Dora Mills & Meg Wolff

Meg Wolff

The other portrait was for Eleanor Kinney who is on the Maine Farmland Trust board and very active in the community.  We were able to schedule the portrait when her parents were visiting from New York, so I was able to get all three generations.   Her daughter Anna eagerly decided she would be my tour guide when I arrived, and started off by encouraging me to hold her new baby chicken.   We then went to see the sheep, chickens, pigs, bees and incredible gardens and green house.    After the tour, we did the shoot in front of the blooming lupins. 

Eloise Kelly, Ann Kinney, Gilbert Kinney, Anna Kelly, Ridgely Kelly,  Eleanor Kinney

Eleanor Kinney

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