Friday, April 6, 2012

Adventures in Kerrville & Houston - Day 8

The morning started out with Ann's mom Sanny giving us a tour of the Brinkman Museum in Kerrville which is jam packed full of Western Art.  She is a docent so we got to tag along on a very thorough and well guided tour and learned the history of Mr. Brinkman's estate.

Then back home to make their portrait and be interview and photographed by the Kerrville Times.  Many thanks to Ann for making that happen! Don't think I haven't already recruited her to lead my PR team of 1.  I met Ann through my friend Moira when she was a student at Bowdoin College.  She is in San Antonio working on her nursing degree and doing some illustrative tweets on the side.

Then off on five hour drive to Houston.  This maybe the only point in this year long project where I wondered if traveling by myself was the greatest idea.   Nothing bad actually happened, but I can't say I was ever  particularly comfortable.  Especially at the rest stops.

Finally arrived in Houston to meet for the first time in real life Amy.  She was on her way out the door to party, so she gave me the key to her place (!) and I had a little rest before going to opening night of FotoFest.  I met up with FB friend and photographer Nate Larson, who's work I have admired and a bunch of his friends and we all went out to celebrate his birthday at a bar decorated only in Tiffany lamps.  I might also add, for a friend I never met in real life, he was a peach to sneak me into the VIP tent.  And the folks at FotoFest know how to throw a party.

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