Monday, October 10, 2011

Traveling lady artists collaborate -- photographing & letter pressing

I am beside myself with excitement to jump in the Type Truck with Kyle Durrie in Providence and drive to Brooklyn with her. I had her over for dinner last winter when I was in the initial stages of this idea and she had just put an offer in on the truck. We got out the atlas and she showed me her ideal journey, inspired me to follow in her footsteps. If she can turn a truck into a letter press studio and drive by herself ac...ross the country, I can photograph my Facebook friends.

I love her work, I love her project, and I really love the truck. I love the idea of artists collaborating and I especially love the idea of analogue lady artists hitting the road on an adventure to NYC. We’ll be stopping for events that she has scheduled and shoots that I have scheduled and hopefully a little red wine and lots of conversations.

Here is our itinerary: Come by and say hello if you’re in the area!

OCT 16 Newport, RI • Newport Historical Society *Kyle
OCT 17 Providence, RI • AS220 * Kyle & Tanja

OCT 18 Ferry to Long Island * Kyle & Tanja

OCT 19 6 PM Brooklyn, NY • Red Hook Bait & Tackle *Kyle & Tanja
With special musical guests Run on Sentence and Nick Jania. Come by for a beer and a specially printed coaster!!

OCT 21 Brooklyn, NY • The Arm Letterpress *Kyle
OCT 22 Brooklyn, NY • Brooklyn Flea *Kyle
OCT 24 New York City, NY • The Type Directors Club *Kyle
OCT 24 New York City, NY • International Photo Awards, Lincoln Center *Tanja

This trip is made possible because of the generous support of Barbara Alfond & Sharon Siegel. Thank you Barbara & Sharon, you have our love and gratitude.

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