Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No sleep til Brooklyn

We left our fabulous Long Island hosts after a portrait and they fed us another meal. It was a bit of a gloomy rainy day but we didn't let that get in the way of another adventure in the Truck.   We tried to get an oil change along the way but apparently you can just drive on in an expect any old jiffy lube can change a rad vehicle's oil.   So we 86'd that plan and sat in traffic on the BQE instead.

We finally arrived in Brooklyn where friends Karin and Barry met us so Kyle could set up shop outside their awesome bar, the Red Hook Bait & Tackle.  We all got to make prints - Karin and Barry made coasters, we were fed drinks by Robby, music by Kyle's fella Dustin, and Karin cooked us an amazing dinner. 

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