Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adventures in Cape Elizabeth, SoPo, the West End

Michael, Emily and Carter to came to visit last night and invited me out for an amazing dinner at the new Miyake and to stay with them in their hotel room at the new Marriott.  Michael even fetched coffee and baked goods from Standard in the morning!  It was remarkably fun being a tourist in my own town.
Then off to Cape Elizabeth (the kind of perfect fog days I used to yearn for when shooting the landscapes) to photograph Susan and her lovely children, Casey, Cara and Jack.  Cara excitedly told me about her analogue (!) photo class at Cape Elizabeth High School and that it was so competitive she had to get a letter of recommendation.  It made me really happy that the kids today are excited to shoot film, and made me think I should teach a high school class at the Bakery.   Susan is the editor of Maine Magazine and Maine Home & Design.  Although we have e-mailed quite a bit and been at many of the same events (as witnessed by pictures on the FB) we realized we hadn't actually met in real life, so it was extra nice she opened her beautiful art filled home to me on a Saturday morning.

 Then off to the a part of South Portland I hadn't been to photograph Beret, her husband Rick and their kids Rye & Tess. I know Beret through my years working in family law because we often refer people to the Kids First Center in Portland where she works.  Kids First is one of my favorite non profits - they do hard but very necessary work with families going through separation, divorce and post-divorce.  Beret is also a Hampshire grad, but before my time.

Then back to Portland to photograph Rob.  He is an artist that I have known for many years - I think we probably met an opening or through friends.  He lives in a very sweet studio apartment in an artist owned building on the West End and teaches art history at SMCC.

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