Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Jamie

Dear Tanja--

I met you at Gideon Bok and Meghan Brady's wedding. We might have enjoyed a beer
together or maybe it was a snapshot in the photo booth. Either way--it was a fun day.

I knew the art before I met the artist. My fiance (we're having the wedding next Spring), Doug Hall, has one of your prints (Untitled 45012 (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)) that he bought at Velvet years ago. I am a big admirer of all things beautiful and inspiring--your art offerings are at the very top of my list!!

Thank you for this incredible opportunity to tell you why I really am your friend and want to purchase pieces of your work at a discounted price.

I'm interested in two prints. So, I'll tell you two stories.

Story Number 1

I am 19 weeks pregnant. Our first babe due to arrive early October. We are
incredible excited and feel super blessed. For us, it was a a journey to become pregnant. I won't go into the whole story here, let's just say we invited the scientist and mathematicians in to help us conceive our child through the process of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). We were blessed to have a successful pregnancy on the first try (which is def not always the case). It was a huge emotional, physical and financial investment and, the reward, has been incredible sweet. We are getting ready to prepare the babe's room. I would love to hang Untitled 310911 (Scarborough, Maine) in the nursery. My Grampy 'Red' died this past March. He was a salt of the earth New England farmer and carpenter. He loved to tell stories to all who were within ear shot--especially his 19 grandchildren and 13 great-grand children. The colors in this print remind me of the color of his hair--Red. Seeing this print will remind me to tell my child stories about Grampy Red. Lastly, if you graciously accept my offer, this will not only be the first (of hopefully many) piece of work that I buy from you, but it will also be the first 'anything' I have bought for this babe.

Story Number 2

On September 11, 2011 I did a one day Vision Quest at Morse Mountain. A Vision Quest is typically three days in the remote wilderness or desert with no food or human contact--only water to drink. I took a baby step with the one day quest at Morse Mountain. At dawn that Saturday morning I met with my support team consisting of one person. We had a opening ceremony, burned sage and I set my intention for the day. Then we separated for the day to wander, meditate, explore, create, sleep, whatever came upon. I was to keep in mind that I was invisible and to have no contact with anyone. I had
no watch, only the sun to keep track of time. It was like wandering down a road with no ending. I wandered off the path, back to the path and off the path again, walked to the beach and to the top of the mountain all with no agenda and curiously exploring. I talked with the wind, the sun, the plants and ocean. I slept. I sipped delicious water. I heard many amazing sounds and smelled delicious aromas of nature and earth. About 15 minutes before sunset I came back to the same ceremony circle for a closing and
re-connect with my support person. We burned sage and I shared my experience
while she reflected what she heard back to me. It didn't seem possible that just one day of wandering with no time restraints and fasting could make such an impact for me but, it did. When I saw the print of 1011015 (Phippsburg, ME), my heart ignited.

Did I mention I am having a kid and getting married next year?? For size, I would love 20X20 but would be so happy with any offering you feel worthy of your beautiful work and my limited budget. You have so many amazing
prints--it is hard to choose. I keep falling in love over and over again each time I go to your website. Your work inspired and uplifts my spirit. 

Thank you!

Deep gratitude to you for  your consideration of this offer.
All the best with your FB project and the self portrait contest.

Come visit us on Munjoy Hill anytime!


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