Saturday, June 18, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Amanda

Dear Big Sister,

    It is a beautiful, sunny afternoon. A Tuesday, oddly enough. One of the state ordered shut down days, in which all public employees get laid off for one day per month. Next month will be the last, thank goodness. I love the days off, but am not sure my budget could handle much more. I've been thinking about how I wanted to write this letter for a long time. A few things I knew right away, other things I had to think about before I was really ready to start typing. First, I wanted to write you on the old type writer you loaned me just out of college. We have always had a love for letter writing, and I knew it would be just the experience I was looking for.

    I also wanted to write about how much I loved spending after-school hours with you in the darkroom/studio, and how instrumental this was in forming my understanding of not only understanding your at, art in general, but also of family, sisters, etc. It was such a safe place to become a teenager, and I can't imagine many people can say that about their coming of age. I couldn' have been very helpful, thinking back- I can't cut a straight line to save my life, and you were a perfectionist trying to cut photos and put them on magnets. I don't remember you getting mad, just moving me on to a different task. All this being said, your art has been important to me in more ways than one my whole life. I truly would not be the same without it.

    Something that took longer for me to articulate what why I felt I should have a piece of yours without paying full price. I suppose since we are related I could go on the longest payment plan in history, and you'd probably be okay with that. In truth, I'd still be willing to do that. I know you know how important a budget is, and I know you would be patient. However, something I had not considered has come up. I have just signed a contract with a realtor to sell my home. It was a hard decision, but something that is the right thing for both me and my relationship with Katy. The more i get closer to this, the more I think about the added benefit of seeing you and Emma more, of being able to take newer and bigger steps with Katy, and to be able to do city stuff with more regularity. When the realtor was over he suggested I take down an entire wall of family photos. I hemmed and hawed about it. I love that wall. I love photos of our childhood, of my friends, and of the family love begun to build. But I also wanted to sell my house, and if this is something that really will sell the house, I decided to do it. I asked what i should do to cover the nail marks, and I had only planned to move the photos when there was a seller coming to see the house. 'Put something else there for now,' he said. Lightbulb!

    So. I'm writing because I need a photo that will be able to replace my wall of family photos both emotionally and physically. Something that won't make my house feel like a stranger lives here, or that will make me feel like I'm living in transition all the time (because who knows when I'll actually be able to sell the house). There are a couple of prints I would go crazy for. I am wondering if I can pay full price in a loooong payment plan that would start after I pay Zero Station for the framing. How does that sound?

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