Thursday, April 7, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Yuki

remember me? Yuki from Santa Fe - Halsey Burgund’s friend from Yale?
Just today I took down the photo I bought (and traded) with you a few years back  - the one of the rainstorm on the ocean in Belize? But then all of a sudden, whammo, I get this email from you - seems like some weird super sonic transcontinental woo-woo, so I am taking it as a sign that I should write you and buy another print…
First, let me explain WHY I took your beloved photo down today.

My husband (he’s a builder) and I are moving from our home.  I designed it (thank you architecture undergrad training) and he built it and we certainly thought we’d live in it for years and years…but alas, economy schnomony and we are both self-employed (do you recall my business - ?) Anyway, we moved in to our house in 2007, proudly framed and hung your gorgeous print at the end of the hallway to our master bedroom…every time I walked down there it was so relaxing to see that water - afterall, living in a land-locked state can make you really miss the ocean sometimes.
But back to the sucky economy, well last summer we decided we needed to downsize our mortgage (every last penny was going to our bills) and therefore it was time to list the house with a real estate agent.
Our brokers did showings, open houses, a live radio show, we went under contract with a chemically sensitive man who backed out before closing, and all the while I was pregnant - needless to say, it really made a sort of bittersweet situation suck even more.  We took the house off the market right before our daughter Tei arrived in October.

But then 2011 arrived and we began the new year with a new outlook and some much needed optimism.  I wrote out a list of aspirations for myself and my family for the year.  On the top of this erzatz wish-list cosmic-to-do-list, was “sell our house for a fair price and begin construction on a new house”.  Since we have the design/build thing dialed we felt like we could do another project, smaller and less expensive - we just needed to sell our damn house in order to have a chance at a do-over.

Less than a month after I wrote my little list, a local broker remembered our house even though it hadn’t been listed again and after 2 visits in 2 days, her clients put an offer on our house and the rest really is history because we closed on Feb 25th.  We are leasing back the house in order to pack and move out by mid-April.

So your email finds me in big transition…tending a 4 1/2 month baby, still trying to run a tableware design business, moving out of one house, moving in with my parents (who also live in Santa Fe) and designing a new (much more affordable) house that should hopefully be done in 10-12 months.  That all said, taking down your photo today and then receiving your email, kinda freaked me out… I do think it is a sign I should buy something else from you.
But of course, the underlying theme is that I can’t afford much.  Obviously, we just sold our house, but we need every penny if we are going to build another house and not be so stressed and strapped yet again with a mortgage we can’t afford.

I hope this email finds you well - I do think your FB project is very important - human interaction is perverted by all this technology.
my best,


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