Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Shannon

A true story for Tanja about Untitled 94706 ( La Napoule, France)
As a child, she emerged from the water. Fully grown, seaweed in her strawberry hair. For many years she remembered she could breathe underwater—and she did so nightly, in her dreams.

Over time, the dream memory faded. She stopped swimming. She showered rather than taking a bath. It all saved time.

After an accumulation of time…  After. After. A lifetime later, and good friend died.  She found herself in the Caribbean, swimming with the sparkling fish—and she began to remember her fluid nature.

Imagine her surprise. One day she saw it in a photograph—stunning. Right there, in the front left quadrant of the image. Her portal.
It is worth so much more than I can offer—but I am super broke after the divorce stuff this year! (It was hard to choose my fave! Also love the green tones of the water in Israel—the Mediterranean?)

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