Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Halle


Your email was such a wonderful surprise.  I have been following and admiring your work for quite some time.  I first found out about you at Jim Kempner”s Gallery in NYC, where I live.  When I first saw your photographs, I thought that they were amazing and still do.  Just so peaceful and beautiful.  Unfortunately, I did not buy one when I first saw them and since have watched the prices steadily increase (good for you but not so good for me).  Given the economy over the past few years, I have not felt comfortable investing in art, but that has not stopped me from admiring your work.  In fact, whenever I see other photographs of water, I always think of yours (and cannot buy anyone else’s as they are not as wonderful and calming).  That has not stopped me from looking though.  I would love to be able to own one of your pieces as I know it would give me much pleasure every day.  The ones that I am most interested in are the following and all are 30 x 30:

Untitled 91910 Phippsburg, Maine
Untitled 22418 Scarborogh, Maine
Untitled 31410 Allepei, Kerala, India
Untitled 58304 North Haven, Maine
Untitled 30713 Varkala, Kerala, India

If any of the above photos are still available, I would be thrilled. Even if any of them are not available (or my story is not compelling enough), I will continue to admire your work and projects and wish you all the best,  Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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