When should you ideally consider a Patio Furniture Cover?

When should you ideally consider a Patio Furniture Cover?

If you install a quality furniture cover over your outdoor furniture, it can withstand the toughest environmental elements and last for long. However, you may doubt whether to consider a protective cover for your patio furniture, which is new. In reality, as your furniture is getting older, a good cover will provide an additional layer of protection and keep it in good shape for a long. A good cover will also help enhance the overall ambiance of the space. You may consider using a patio furniture cover anytime as you feel it can be a cozy addon to your furniture’s value. On the other hand, furniture cover becomes necessary if you live in a place with inclement weather.

A good patio furniture cover can protect your piece of furniture from various elements like mold and mildew build-up, rain, intensive heat, cold weather, UV rays of the sun, and the wildlife around. The high-quality patio chair covers are made of sturdy materials, which are weather- and water-resistant. This may also be treated with UV protection elements. There is various type of patio furniture covers available so, you may easily get exhausted with the choices while planning for it. Let us explore a few things you need to keep in mind while considering a good patio furniture cover.

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

It is always a good idea to protect your furniture, but before installing a patio furniture cover, you have to ensure that your furniture is kept fully clean. Let us explore how to clean your furniture thoroughly.

  • First, clean the acrylic elements using mild soap and water. You can do spot cleaning using a sponge but never use any abrasive cleaning equipment. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning before you attempt the same.
  • Next, you can clean the metal parts as steel and iron by using gentle soap and water. You may consider paste wax for parts that are not rust-resistant.
  • For the Wicker furniture models, you can use a water hose to clean them. If you find any stubborn spots, use soap and water.
  • To clean wooden furniture, you can use soap and water itself. Just rinse the soap mildly and clean with water.

Putting On the Patio Furniture Cover

Once your furniture is thoroughly cleaned, you can put it on the covers. These covers will have creasing and stitching, which will make it obvious as to which the front and back portions are. You can cover one side of the furniture and then lift the cover fully over the furniture. Once it comes right on top of the furniture, slip it downwards until the furniture’s end piece is fully covered up. Most of the patio furniture covers may have drawstrings ties for Velcro. So, use it to secure the cover to the furniture.

Along with taking care of your furniture, you have to take care of your furniture covers too. These covers are usually machine washable, so we can take them off once a month to do a thorough cleaning. You may also dust it regularly to avoid the accumulation of any dirt or mold on it.