Top 4 Leading Industries of Australia

Top 4 Leading Industries of Australia

Australia is a popular destination for individuals who want to work. According to the United Nations, Australia is one of the best countries to live in due to its fantastic quality of life index. Additionally, the country’s economy is thriving, and there is a constant need for people with skills. Due to the low crime rates, it is one of the safest and secure countries to reside in. So, if you are planning to work in Australia, you can migrate with the TSS visa or the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. This visa allows a skilled worker to work in the country unless Australian employers sponsor the candidate. But there are other criteria for eligibility before you apply and qualify for the visa. Read on to know about them and get insights into the leading industries of Australia.

Eligibility Requirements of the TSS 482 Visa

TSS 482 visa was replaced with the Temporary Work Visa subclass 457. Listed below are the eligibility requirements of the visa.

  • An occupation in the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List: The Consolidated Skilled Occupation list includes a construction project manager, land economist, architect, civil engineer, quantity surveyor, podiatrist, midwife, surgeon, jeweller, makeup artist, among others. So, if your profession is mentioned in the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List, it makes you eligible.
  • Nominated for a job position by the employer: If you get an opportunity to work in Australia from an employer who wants to recruit you, you can certainly apply for this visa. But you must also have a genuine intention to work in the country.
  • Relevant Skills and qualifications: You must have skills and qualifications that match your occupation. For example, if you are a surgeon, you must be well aware of the medical terms and diagnosis.
  • Relevant experience: For this visa, it is a must to have at least two years of relevant experience in your occupation.
  • Vocational English language ability: Another criterion for qualification is the English language ability. If you can converse well in the English language, you are deemed qualified for the visa. After all, when you live in Australia, you must know the language. Although there are diverse cultures in the country, their primary language is English.
  • Health and character requirements: You must have no criminal record and be in good health. Your good character and fitness determine the validity of the visa.

Leading Industries in Australia

Industry - Overview and Categories of Different Industries

As per the Labour Market Information Portal, employment is projected to increase in 16 broad industries of Australia. Below listed are the top industries of the country.

  • Healthcare and social assistance: Healthcare and social assistance are booming industries as the population grows and ages. This industry is expected to employ over 1.5 million people. You must have a university degree in hand along with vocational education and training (VET).
  • Construction: The construction industry is flourishing immensely in the country. Over 1 million Australians are being employed in the construction industry. The expected employment growth rate will be more than 10.9 per cent in the upcoming five years.
  • Professional, scientific and technical services: You must have a university degree for professional, scientific and technical services. In five years, the expected growth of employment will be over 12.5 per cent.
  • Education and training: This industry includes preschool, school, tertiary and other education. Additionally, most of the jobs in this industry require a relevant degree. The employment rate is set to grow over 12 per cent in the coming years.

Now that you know about the leading industries, you can look for employment in Australia with the TSS visa. With an employer who is viable to sponsor, you can apply for it immediately. But make sure that your profession matches the occupation mentioned in the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List.