Top 10 Best Mouse Cord Holders in 2020 ReviewsBuying Guide

If you love a minimalist and neat arrangement on your desk, free of mouse cables, then a mouse cord holder is a worthwhile investment. The mouse bungee keeps the mouse cable from interfering with your work while keeping the mouse movements accurate and consistent.

Mouse bungees are very useful when it comes to gaming computers. They give you accurate and smooth mouse swipes that are essential for competitive gaming. This article provides you the top 10 best mouse cord holders in 2020 that come with exciting and top-notch features.

List of Best Mouse Cord Holders in 2020

#10. CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management Pro

CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management Pro

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Secure and manage your mouse cable with the CASETHRONE mouse cable holder that glows in four different RGB colors. The mouse cable holder is suitable for gaming laptops, and it assists in keeping the cable atop the desk. Your work and gaming desk also becomes less cluttered with ample space for other work accessories. The mouse cord holder will not slip thanks to its slip-proof design that is possible due to its heavy-base design.

Experience a new level of easy and fast interaction with your mouse without any cord drags. The mouse cable holder has a durable ABS plastic, stain-proof steel, and Silicone construction so that you can get to use it for a lifetime without repairs and maintenance costs. A touch-sensitive area on the cord holder interchanges the light mode between monochromes and mixed. The spring produces a snap sound to signal that it is properly locked.

  • Four different light modes
  • A heavy-base crafting
  • Has an ABS plastic construction
  • Silicone construction
  • Stain-proof steel making
  • Has a touch region
Reason to buy
  • The mouse cord holder keeps the cord atop the desk to reduce clutter
  • The cord holder features four distinct RGB light modes
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#9. Eoocvt Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Holder

Eoocvt Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Holder

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Keep your mouse cord holder off your desk and minimize the clutter and dragging with the Eoocyt mouse cord holder’s help. The cord holder comes with durable and sturdy plastic and metallic crafting that makes it proof to damage from falls and other common desk accidents. The holder is ideal for use with gaming computers.

The mouse cable holder is compatible with all corded mouse, keeping the cord in place. Long winding cables can be a real challenge on both work and gaming desks, but do not worry anymore as this cable holder comes to eliminate the problem permanently. The cable holder weighs 157 grams making it easily portable and stable enough to avoid slips.

  • Plastic and metallic construction
  • Weighs 157 grams
  • Adjustable angle for the wire clip
  • Compatible with all corded mouse
  • Suitable for gaming computers
Reason to buy
  • The mouse cord holder is compatible with all corded mouse
  • Its wire clip section’s angle is adjustable to meet the perfect requirement

#8. Casethrone Mouse cable Management System

Casethrone Mouse cable Management System

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Long mouse cords can be a huge disturbance at a work or gaming desk. They can cause interruptions while performing manual tasks such as writing, and they also cause clutter on our desks. The Casethrone mouse cable manager solves this problem by keeping the mouse cord over the desk with an elevated spring arm, thus preventing tangles and drags. You also get to experience smoother mouse swipes and more a fun gaming experience.

The heavy cable holder’s base grants it additional stability to keep it from slipping or falling over even with vigorous mouse swipes. The ergonomic crafting gives the mouse bungee an aesthetic structure to your work and gaming setup. It has an ABS plastic, stain-resistant steel, and Silicone construction for maximum durability.

  • Has a weighty base
  • Has an elevated spring arm
  • Adds an aesthetic feeling to the desk setup
  • An ABS plastic construction
  • Stain-proof silicone construction
Reason to buy
  • The weighty base keeps the cord holder stable
  • It is very durable with an ABS plastic, stain-resistant steel, and Silicone construction

#7. Stageek Mouse Cable Cord Holder

Stageek Mouse Cable Cord Holder

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It is time to permanently solve the desk tangling mouse cable problem with the Stageek mouse cable manager. The holder is compatible with any corded mouse, and it grants you a new fun experience with the mouse swipes. It uses a unique-design rubber clip that firmly holds on to the mouse cable in an elevated angle to enable convenient mouse mobility.

The mouse bungee has a cleanable, self-adhesive, and recyclable tape that provides additional stability and a firm grip to the desk. The small size of the holder allows you to transport it to all your work stations conveniently. It is very suitable for gaming computers, and it helps prevent drags and enables a fast mouse swipe experience. It has a Matte Aluminum alloy construction for durability, and it does not leave fingerprints on the surface.

  • Compatible with all corded mouse
  • Grips the mouse cord with a rubber clip
  • Cleanable and recyclable tape base
  • Has a small size
  • Matte aluminum alloy construction
Reason to buy
  • Tightly grips the mouse cable using a rubber clip
  • Its base has a self-adhesive, recyclable, and cleanable tape for stability

#6. Hotline Mouse Cable Management

Hotline Mouse Cable Management

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Reduce clutter on your work and gaming desk and experience smooth mouse swipes using the Hotline Games mouse cable manager. The manager features an elevated arm that keeps the mouse cord over the counter, thus keeping the cord from interrupting your desk work and mouse movements. It is very suitable for gaming computers.

The mouse cord holder comes with a weighty base that keeps it stable and stops it from sliding on the desk’s surface. It has a Silicone, stain-resistant steel, and an ABS plastic construction for maximum durability. The head has a silicone making, and you can disassemble it for cleaning. The spring arm’s height is adjustable for easy storage and helps you get the optimal gaming angle.

  • Has a weighty base for additional stability
  • Has an ABS plastic, steel and silicone making
  • The top part has a silicone making
  • Easy to dismantle the top
  • An adjustable spring arm length
Reason to buy
  • The spring arm has an adjustable length for easy storage and portability
  • The top part has a silicone construction for durability, and it can dismountable for straightforward cleaning
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#5. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee

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Experience top-notch mouse swipes and gaming competitiveness with the drag-free Razer gaming mouse bungee. The mouse cord holder is compatible with any corded mouse whose cord with a thickness of up to 3.2 millimeters. The mouse bungee base has an extra weight to grant it additional stability. The spring arm has a rust-proof making, and it has an elevated angle to keep the mouse cord over the desk and avoid tangles.

The mouse bungee allows you to save space, manage, and organize your cables on the desk. It also helps you to work with minimal drag and experience better mouse swipes, especially for gaming setups. It is an ideal accessory for office and gaming use. The mouse bungee has slip-resistant feet that keep it steady in place.

  • Has slip-proof feet
  • The base has extra weight for additional stability
  • Has a rust-proof spring arm
  • Compatible with 3.2 mm thick mouse cords
  • Allows drag-free mouse swipes
Reason to buy
  • The mouse bungee is compatible with all mouse cords up to 3.2 millimeters thick
  • It has a weighty base that grants it additional stability together with slip-proof feet

#4. Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Mouse Bungee

Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Mouse Bungee

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Enjoy competitive gaming and drag-free smooth mouse swipes with the Cougar gaming mouse bungee. The bungee keeps the mouse cable in total control with an elevated arm with a rubber construction to give it a firm grip on the mouse cable. The rubber arm is highly flexible to help you find the optimal angle while working and gaming. It also keeps the mouse cord over the desk to minimize cord interruptions and minimize clutter.

The mouse bungee utilizes a robust vacuum patented base to heighten its stability over the working desk. It has a compact base that consumes minimal space. Its unique crafting is eye-catching, and it has a lightweight nature suitable for convenient transportation and storage. The adaptive cable groove makes the mouse bungee compatible with any mouse cord thickness. It only weighs 85 grams and thus easily storable and transportable to any work station.

  • Weighs 85 grams
  • Uses a base vacuum for stability
  • It is small in size
  • Has a raised arm
  • Its arm has a rubber construction
  • It is lightweight
Reason to buy
  • The mouse bungee has an adaptive groove that makes it compatible with any mouse cord size
  • It uses a robust vacuum base for maximum stability

#3. ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder

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The ENHANCE gaming mouse bungee manages your mouse cable, and it features exciting extra features such as four USB ports and dynamic RGB lighting in one space-saving package for gamers. The mouse cord support arm has springs supporting it to give your mouse swipes the highest accuracy with a single fixed point of motion and keep the cable from hanging on the desk edges.

The mouse cord holders feature four USB ports with live 2.0 ports that allow you to plug your keyboard, mice, headsets, and flash drives in a single, convenient location on your desktop. It has seven LED color styles that offer a custom ambient lighting to match your rig style. You can choose any color between purple, light green, yellow, green, blue, red, or rainbow. The base is weighty to offer stability.

  • Has four USB ports
  • Has dynamic RGB lighting
  • It Has seven LED color styles
  • Its weighty base provides extra stability
  • The arm is detachable
Reason to buy
  • It has six LED colors and a rainbow mode to match your rig style
  • It features four USB ports in which you can fix your headsets, mice, keyboards, and flash drives

#2. VersionTECH Gaming Mouse Bungee

VersionTECH Gaming Mouse Bungee

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VersionTECH offers the perfect mouse bungee for gamers with three slip-proof pads and a weighty base that provides stability and a robust grip on the desk. The bungee helps to keep the mouse cord over the desk and fixed during gameplay. You get to enjoy more competitive gaming with more accurate swipes, less drag, and more frag, and the mouse cables do not tangle or get stuck.

The mouse bungee is ideal for synchronizing, charging, and connecting multiple electronic gadgets with four ports of 2.0 active USB ports. You can plug headsets, keyboards, mice, USB lamps, flash drives, and other devices right on your desktop. The bungee features seven soothing ambient backlit colors to create an enjoyable gaming atmosphere. You can turn off the lights under the base. The elevated rubber arm is detachable instantaneously for straightforward storage and cleaning.

  • Has four USB ports
  • Three slip-proof pads
  • Has a weighty base
  • Seven ambient colors for backlighting
  • A detachable rubber arm
Reason to buy
  • The rubber arm is detachable for effortless repair, cleaning, and storage
  • The mouse bungee has four USB ports to which you can attach extra devices on a single accessible desktop location

#1. KLIM Bungee Holder for Gaming Mouse

KLIM Bungee Holder for Gaming Mouse

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The KLIM bungee allows you to work with your corded mouse without any tangles and disruptions. The bungee’s arm is flexible for finding the optimal elevation angle for the cord, and its structure is slip-resistant and stable. It features three 3.0 USB ports that transfer data at a staggering 5.0 gigabytes per second with an excellent power supply.

The arm is detachable whenever you want to use the bungee as a USB hub only. The bungee also has a micro USB port and a convenient micro/ TF SD card port, useful for device charging, USB flash drives, and micro SD card storage devices. The bungee backlighting helps to create a pleasant gaming atmosphere.

  • The arm is adaptive and detachable
  • Has three USB ports that use USB 3.0
  • 5.0 gigabytes per second transfer rate
  • It is backlit
  • Has a micro SD card port
Reason to buy
  • The bungee has a micro SD card and USB ports for peripheral devices attachment
  • The rubber arm is adaptive and detachable in case you only need to use the USB ports
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Mouse Cord HoldersBuying Guide

  • Stability: Different mouse bungees use different mechanisms to hold on to the mouse cable. Some use a spring-loaded plastic or rubber arm that grips the cord and relays the tension. A weighty bungee base provides additional stability while other bungees use suction cups at the bottom for stability while others use padded feet.
  • Crafting: Some mouse bungees come with extra features that make them more attractive and useful. Such features include backlighting, USB ports, micro SD card ports, and others. The bungee should also be fashionable to make your desk look stylish.
  • Flexibility: The support arm should be flexible to help you adjust the mouse cord to the best position. The arm should also allow you to adjust the length or detach it for easy repair and cleaning.


Most mouse bungees will offer you the service that you are looking for. More expensive bungees feature bonus traits that make them more exciting, and they may also be more durable. We give you the top 10 mouse bungees in 2020 to make the picking process easy and straightforward.