Tips on Choosing Your Computer Parts

Tips on Choosing Your Computer Parts

Computers are one of the essential tools anyone could have nowadays. Because of the ongoing pandemic, they are forced to work at home and use a computer for their jobs. Almost everyone will have a computer to use for work, gaming, and everything else.

If you plan on building a desktop computer from an online computer store, you need to ensure that you get the right parts. People who are new to building a computer would encounter many problems because there are too many options to choose from. You need to follow several tips when buying your first computer to get the right one that will suit your needs.

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You need to get the motherboard first because it is the one that will hold most of your computer parts, including the RAM, CPU, GPU, etc. You can say that it is the backbone of your computer. The motherboard will depend on usage – if you want to use it to run heavy programs or simple tasks. If you know what to do with your computer, choosing the right motherboard will be easy.


You need to know that a processor is expensive because it is the one that helps run programs on your computer. The faster the processor, the more expensive it gets, so you need to consider carefully how you will use your computer. In most cases, an office computer does not necessarily need to have a high-end, expensive processor since it usually runs basic programs like Microsoft Word, browsers, emails, etc.

But if your job requires you to need a fast computer, you will need to get a faster processor, which means you will have to shell out more. Make sure you visit an online computer store and compare the processors’ prices to know what you need and what will fit your budget.


When you are running programs on your computer, the memory it consumes needs to get stored somewhere. That is where the RAM, or Random-Access Memory, comes into play. If you purchase a 4GB RAM, your computer will be slow even if you have the latest, most expensive processor.

Nowadays, the recommended RAM should be at least 8GB and above because most programs consume a lot of RAM when it is running. You should also note that the higher the RAM storage, the more you will have to pay. It would be best to buy an 8GB RAM if you do not want to encounter any lag whenever you are opening multiple programs at once.

Hard Drive

You have two types of drives to choose from for your computer, the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and the SSD (Solid-State Drive). Like with any other parts, it will also become expensive whenever you want more storage capacity and speed. Usually, you can find HDDs in most computers since they are the cheapest and can also provide optimal storage up to 1 TB.

Whereas with SSDs, it is much better than the HDD in terms of speed and power efficiency. It is also more expensive than the HDD, so you need to decide which one will benefit you more. The HDD is better for office work, while an SSD is better if you want to increase your computer’s speed to open and load programs without any lag.


You may have heard this term mostly from PC gamers. You will need it if you want to enhance the graphics of your computer. Apart from gaming, GPU is necessary when you edit videos. Nowadays, a GPU can go as high as $3,000 because of its ability to make graphics even sharper and clearer.

The parts mentioned are the important ones that make up your computer. Keep these in mind if you want to get a computer that suits your needs perfectly.