The Uptown And The Zodiacs; The Response Of Each Zodiac Towards Technology

Necessity is the mother of invention, while problems are its father. Somewhere you realise that inventions themselves create problems for more inventions and hence this vicious cycle of technology continues, something that you can hardly escape. Well in the mind set of these technical advancements it would be nonchalant to actually know what might be the inclinations of the various zodiacs according to the changing trends of technology. For more details, follow up on the link

The Zodiacs

The Top Five Zodiacs Who Have A Flourished Interest In Technology


You might not have actually seen this coincidence but a random Aquarius has a knack over the newest technology that has come into the market. They love to keep up with ‘what is trending’. They would love to get to know what are the latest phones, and especially gadgets, that would make both their lives easier and their status novel.


Well Gemini are the Instagram fanatics. They would love to keep up with what is trending and hence you might always see the most bizarre re-tweets, or the memes being done by the Gemini group people. They love being online and on track, and hence in the process they also make up with what is in particular happening with the world around them.


The thought of new technology for Sagittarius is not as important as the thought of being known to use new technology. Sagittarius are the Java crazed, they love the world of apps and applets. They will let you know the best editing app, how to Adobe Photoshop, or to do graphics. They are enamoured with this arena so much, that their entire world on phone is a digitised version of their fantasies.


Aries are the energetic group of people. Hence their use of technology is actually the manifestation of their want to vent out this energy. It would be mostly fitness apps, fitbits, or smart watches that will keep a track of their health. Their use of devices will be a blow upon the fact that they love to multi task so much.


As for the Scorpions, the kind of lonely people they are, they may find their entirety on the internet. They might get hinged to it for hours, and would YouTube even the most irrelevant stuffs. They are the devil’s workshop when you would actually see them quarantine (Ahem!) and they would come up with some new start up. They probably must have done it on the internet.

The Other Zodiacs

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Taurus being the lazy group of people, they definitely love to get their things done via the recent development in technology. They would want to get their food ordered and have their meals served. So they have mastered the technique of having their upper hand over technology and hence they love the digital.


Well Cancerians are also in the hype of technology. They are more in the use of the outdated technology. It is not like they would move on to newer techniques for making their lives easier, but they are more concerned about the changes that they would have to make. Therefore they find their comfort zone in Nokia phones rather than the smart phones now-a-days.


Leo are the heart felt rich people of the world. Why would not they own the most technical beauties around. You will probably see them putting out the best array of the most modern technological tools and will elaborate upon why did they buy those. They too love living in the advancements.


The amount of work load that these babies have, they are actually very much adept in using the newer advancements because after all they have to put it all out and relax a bit. Virgos also rely on the internet so that they can give a natural soar to their work, and give it the level of beauty that it deserves, and hence they are very much into technology. Also their work profile mentions them to infotechs.


These balanced horses are actually working way hard to maintain a balance between their need to be on the social media and their urge to walk out of it. They love the very flair use of technology, like packers and movers, or home salon, but are  not the social media superstars. Therefore one might not find them too much hooked, but also not grand fathered from this thing.


Well these careerist bugs need it in their lifestyle, that they maintain a very slick and sexy edge over their work front. Therefore their use of technology is actually not for the self service, but it is for self emancipation. Just like the Virgos, they also have a knack in making things less complicated and hence the technical aid.


The Pisces are a group of imaginative idiots. They actually invest much of their time on social media, especially on Pinterest and such apps that would complement their passions. Their imaginations take them to the field of graphic user interface and other graphic models that will give them the base for putting their abstractions in the form of Photoshop.