Six SEO Practical And Useful Tips For Hong Kong Small Business Websites

Six SEO Practical And Useful Tips For Hong Kong Small Business Websites

Tip 1: For many years, search engine optimization (SEO) has been seen as one of the most cost-efficient online marketing strategies that many companies (including small businesses in Hong Kong) can pursue. Often the strategy and actual execution work can be done through a Hong Kong SEO company. Alternatively, the local business could hire a SEO specialist in-house to achieve the same amount of work and even more.

Tip 2: In short, Google ranks web pages in its search engine results pages based on two main factors and many other factors. The two main factors are relevance (i.e. how appropriate a piece of content is for a user’s specific search query) and authority (how trustworthy the content is).

Tip 3: There are many SEO tools out there whether they are free or paid tools. The tools include Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-friendly test, Moz Link Explorer, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, XML Sitemaps Generator, etc. When it involves Hong Kong local SEO and/or data reporting, you would want these tools to capture and report the data based on locations (including the IP addresses in your region in some cases).

Tip 4: For many HK internet marketers or SEO specialists, being able to do content marketing on an ongoing basis may be a tough project even though it is applicable. It sounds simple in theory. It involves the production of articles, blogs, images, videos, and other mediums of content that your target audience will find interesting and helpful to consume. To back up this content marketing and content production process, there is a need to regularly find the keywords and/or themes that people (i.e. your target audience) are searching for on Google and Yahoo. During the process, essentially you are on your way to build up a large information of keyword database.

Tip 5: Technical SEO refers to dealing with the programmatic components of your website (that targets Hong Kong local audience). The components include your backend structure, portions of your code, and parts of your website that are only visible to search crawlers. An example is your site’s robots.txt file. It may be challenging to programmatically connect the dots between your database fields and the web frontend presentations. When you are capable to such, you would have built a CMS for the website that can simplify a lot of work for the web developer. This work will instead be left to anyone who is assigned to manage the website’s ongoing content updates.

Tip 6: There are four main types of search engine optimization methods out there including white hat, black hat, grey hat, and negative SEO. The blackhat SEO method is a high risk one which employs techniques or practices that are not recommended by the search engines especially Google. When Google finds out about such techniques that have been applied to gain the site in organic search rankings, Google would have negated to “gain” or may even apply a penalty to the site.