Rent A Virtual Office Package – Good Choice For New Hong Kong Startups

Rent A Virtual Office Package – Good Choice For New Hong Kong Startups

Renting a virtual office in Hong Kong incurs lower overall cost when you look at the relatively high renting cost in the central business district (CBD) of Hong Kong. A virtual office costs much less than an actual physical office in terms of monthly expenses (including rent, bills, etc), furnished office space, equipment and supplies (e.g. printers, copy machines), cleaning fees, and more.

Already with a lower cost, you will get a legitimate Hong Kong business address (in the areas such as Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, etc) allocated to your business/startup from the virtual office package you have rented. A physical address which is located in Hong Kong is a requirement for any Hong Kong limited company during the company registration process and before the company actually starts doing business in HK.

With a Hong Kong business address, you will be able to display it on any paperwork document, brochures, business cards, and websites. This gives a good impression to your potential customers and business partners how serious you are with your business.

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In reality, most virtual offices are part of large business center. Most virtual office packages allow you to access meeting rooms, recess areas, and business lounges with some limitation. This gives you the flexibility you will need. For example, you may occasionally hold face-to-face meeting with your team or clients at the rented virtual office in Central Hong Kong.

With the virtual office package, you will get your own dedicated telephone line. The telephone can be answered and managed by the package’s professionally trained, multilingual team of operations staff. The business address can be used for receiving physical mails, business cards and any other items that are related to the marketing of your business.

Having a virtual office means you are still going to be working from home for many major projects during most of your time. Even in Hong Kong public transportation is convenient, this is still going to save you time from traveling back and forth between home and an actual office location every day.

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Once your business has grown, you may need more frequent access to an office space. You may consider one of the options among a serviced office, co-working space, or conventional office rental. One of the big advantages of working at a physically office with your entire team is that you will be more focus during your formal work hours and get less distraction.