Reasons Why You Should Install A Valet Parking System For Hotels

Reasons Why You Should Install A Valet Parking System For Hotels

If you own or manage a hotel, then it means that you are aware about how people come in and out of the building. Now, most of these guests have their own vehicles. Therefore, you should have ample space for these or else it would be difficult for you to keep them as valued customers. What I mean is that, you should know how to satisfy your guests and one way to do this is by providing a safe, valet parking for your hotel, which is, of course, a spacious lot for their automobiles. In fact, this is an advantage for your business.

These people are coming from different parts of the country and some of them are even tourists from other countries. Therefore, the management should do their best to ensure the quality of services that are offered. Anyway, the parking system is just one of the factors that can greatly affect the function of the hotel. However, this is a very important consideration, especially when you are located around a tourist spot, landmark or a well-known place. If possible, you should be able to accommodate everybody in every way. Be it in the dining, lobby, hallway, help desk and car park.

By the way, it is not enough to say that you needed a valet parking system just because you are the manager or the owner. There are other things that you have to consider and these are the reasons why you should install such automated methods – check out for further reading. Anyway, let’s say that this is a major transformation that can be very helpful to your success in this industry. I supposed, this is what you had been dreaming of, right? Therefore, consider these reasons and see how this benefits your guests as well.



Basically, one reason why you should install valet parking systems, is to increase the capacity. Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for your guests, if they would like to stay in your VIP rooms, but do not have a space for their automobiles? When they can see that there isn’t enough space for their car, pretty sure that they will find another place.

Now, if you are going to upgrade your scheme, then pretty sure that you will be able to accommodate more vehicles. This means that you can also accept more visitors to check in. This would be beneficial to you and your customers. By the way, look at this and learn how to compute your parking ratio.


Let’s say that with the traditional way of parking, you can accommodate about 50 vehicles in a day. But after installing and upgrading this with the automatic and computerized one, you have doubled the number of automobiles parked in a day.

This is a good sign that your business is growing. Due to the advanced technology, you will be able to accommodate more guests. This is not only a good news to the management, but for the customers as well. This is a kind of service that a lot of people are wishing for from the hotels and they would be very glad, if you can provide this.

Flexibility of the Space

If you have a flexible space, then you can have a great control of the lot as well as its flow. It would be easier for them to come in and move out of the car park.

I supposed, this is a factor that customers also consider. Remember that some of them are impatient and won’t like to experience hassle. Actually, it does not matter, whether they are a long or short term customer. What is important is for them to move their vehicles with ease.


You can ensure the safety and security of the automobiles through an automated car park method – watch and see how it works. The drivers will actually feel less stress, knowing that their vehicles will be in good hands.

Actually, another thing that makes the customers feel glad is the fact that they can expect less auto accidents to happen in the area. Of course, that is because the traffic is minimized and the automobiles coming in and going out of the garage is well-organized.


Again, through this enhanced and upgraded system, expect that you can easily access your auto. This is ideal for individuals, who are in a rush or having a meeting in the hotel. Through this, the vehicles will be parked at an instant.

Of course, they will be very happy, knowing that they can easily get their vehicle back after a meeting. During this time, they are surely in a hurry. Therefore, it would be a great advantage of these people.


When the visitors know that the car park method is good, it will be appreciated. Everybody would like to always experience the convenience of their daily activities. So, there is nothing that they can complain about with an automated car park system.

Of course, if this is something that they find convenient, then it is a factor that can boost your fame and popularity. Sooner or later, more people will come. This means that you will be known for this kind of service offered in your hotel.


Due to the availability of your automated car park system, of course, you will have more visitors. Your employees will surely be very busy handling the booking because a lot of people would like to come. This is an opportunity, which should be given an importance because this is where you will earn and the future of smart parking starts with this technology.

Keep in mind that your hotel needs upgrading from time to time. Maintenance is a must as well. Therefore, through this as a source of income, you will be able to modify the place and increase its value. You may be investing money in your automated and advanced car park schemes, but you will later on get your money back and it will even be doubled. This is business, anyway, and if you do not spend, then you won’t earn.