Reach Employees With Exciting Intranet Content

Reach Employees With Exciting Intranet Content

Do you want to introduce a new intranet or adapt your existing one? Are you looking for ideas and possible sources for content? Be inspired by our suggestions and suggestions for intranet content. There are many good teams of IT professionals providing Microsoft Development Services to make data management an easy task to do.

Internal Communication Tool

The intranet is an essential tool for internal communication to reach all employees. Whether in the office, at home or on the go: a good intranet connects, promotes a sense of community and strengthens identification with the company. However, this requires relevant and appealing content. Nothing is more desolate than an intranet that languishes without interaction and attention. Therefore, today we are giving you suggestions, ideas and suggestions for the content strategy of your intranet.

Inform And Keep Up To Date

An important focus of the intranet is the publication of news and announcements. The aim is to keep employees engaged and informed. An experienced team of IT professionals working to provide you Microsoft Development Services, Al Rafay Consulting, we recommend you to play out news in a targeted manner, adapted to the location or role in the company.

  • Announcements from executives and internal company news: Keep employees up to date on strategies, changes in the company or business developments, e.g. B. via press releases or annual reports.
  • Updates about and promotion of services: Highlight which services are included in the catalogue of services. Employees thus have an overview of the services your company offers beyond their own area.
  • Events and programs: Promote and report on upcoming or past events, including a description, date, location or dial-in link, who is eligible to attend, etc. Embedding Yammer can also be useful here to encourage cross-team meetings and engagement.

Employees In Focus

This type of content focuses on employees and their well-being, away from work tasks. Many are currently working from home – nevertheless, the (digital) cohesion among colleagues, a pleasant working atmosphere and personal development in the company are essential factors for the employee experience.

  • Health and Wellbeing: Provide information about the support and resources available to your employees. E.g. contact points or contact details of trusted employees.
  • Opportunities for a community: Describe existing tools and options to network and connect. What communities and networks are available? What tools are available?
  • Inclusion and Equality: Provide information about promoting and supporting an inclusive, healthy environment for all employees, for example, Equal Opportunities Officers or Diversity Management.
  • Continuing Education and Learning: Provide information about the offerings, resources, and learning opportunities that are available. What solutions are there for learning in the digital workplace?

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Content related to events

Events continue to be an important means of strengthening cohesion and a sense of community. There are different types of events, apart from the distinction between virtual and on-site events. The intranet with a company-wide reach is the perfect tool to draw attention to and promote the events. A Microsoft Development Services provider team can help you to get the maximum out of all the online features of Microsoft SharePoint and other online platforms.

Training days: Provide information about upcoming learning events, e.g. B. new technologies or team-building measures.

Town Halls: Promote company-wide events that all employees can or should attend.

External events: Mention events from other providers where e.g. B Colleagues present or are involved and invite internal participants to support.

Informal events: whether Christmas parties, after-work parties or get-togethers – promote events organized by employees for colleagues.


As you can see, there are numerous inspirations and ideas for the three content areas alone – news, employees and events. However, there is more! Contact Al Rafacy Consulting, a Microsoft Development Services provider and we will give you ideas and suggestions for static and library content, landing pages, external sources and much more.