Medical mask on a 3D printer

Medical mask on a 3D printer

Someone is trying to make money on coronavirus, someone is raising prices for essential goods, and someone is collecting all the toilet paper from supermarket shelves.

One of the inhabitants of our country, on the contrary, decided to help the townspeople and created a 3D model mask. In appearance, it looks like an element of a costume from some game, but in terms of functionality it is in no way inferior to the medical mask habitual for us, and in some moments even becomes a worthy competitor.

There are no medical masks in pharmacies, but you still have to go outside. I found the layout, modified it a bit, popped the home 3D printer, and in four hours I printed such an outlandish reusable mask. You only need to change the cotton pad. Another filter can be made of gauze, fabric or paper towels. After a couple of days, the model was improved. Now one mask can be done in 40 minutes. About twenty pieces can be printed per day. They look in the streets with surprise, but ask where they can buy. Here is a link to this mask if you are interested in 3D model medical mask for 3D printer.

“The mask was printed on a 3D printer using 3D scanning technology. To better fit her face, I first scanned my facial features and created a mask shape from them. Its first advantage is replaceable filters. By the way, they are also created on a 3D printer. That is, you can safely wear the same mask, wipe it with a damp cloth, change filters and use it further. The second thing is that it is better than the usual fabric mask for us – in addition to the material on the basis of which the pharmacy masks are created, the replaceable filter also contains a salt layer. Recently, news came out that Chinese researchers suggested that masked salt coating would help to effectively trap the virus. Thirdly, the material. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch and your face will not be irritated” says the inventor.

Well, the first thousand masks have already been printed and so far it is worthy of competition with the usual medical masks. Today in pharmacies it’s hard enough to find the usual maxi. And here – and for the night you have your own mask with interchangeable filters ready. Yes, and so perfectly fits to the face that you do not have to constantly correct the moved tissue.