Mail Forwarding Service

Mail Forwarding Service

Make an application for a virtual American address. Some online US retailers may not ship internationally, while others will charge a higher rate than usual. Purchasing products from top brands and procuring from U.S.-based suppliers would be easier if you use your U.S.-based address.

Make you Possess a Virtual U.S Address

Many American retailers do not ship internationally, and those that do can charge excessive shipping fees. You may simply make purchases from thousands of online stores in the United States using your own virtual US address.

Get Rebates

Access to U.S. stores also entails access to the kinds of fantastic discounts and clearance deals that are often reserved for U.S. clients. Many firms reserve their greatest prices for customers in the United States, but with Direct Fulfillment Group’s mail forwarding service, you may have the same local access.

Helpful Administration Framework

All of your shipments, images, deliveries, bills, and orders will be managed through your online account.

5 Advantages of Using a Mail Forwarding Service

Money-Saving Services

You can save even more money with efficient shipment thanks to reduced shipping prices and simple consolidation services.

Direct Fulfillment Group isn’t Fair for Bundles

You can also get correspondence at your U.S. address. Our operators will scan your mail and upload it to our web portal, where you can read it or send it to a different address.

Choice of Carriers

We partner with DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS to provide low-cost, high-quality shipping services. When you partner with Direct Fulfillment Group, you’ll benefit from exclusive relationships with leading shipping carriers that we’ve secured. That’s why our shipping prices are so much lower than those of our competitors and even lower than those of ordinary retailers. These low rates are a direct result of the tens of thousands of dollars in monthly business we send these carriers. It’s a win-win situation for our consumers, as it saves them hundreds of dollars in shipping costs. And if you ship in quantity, you may be eligible for even more discounts.

Enhance Your Savings

Direct Fulfillment Group LLC may help you save money on online purchases in the United States in a variety of ways. Use our cutting-edge service to get the most bang for your buck.

Different Shipping Alternatives

Provide your consumers with a variety of shipping options to provide them with the professional delivery service they expect. Our software analyses orders automatically to give a faster, more cost-effective service.

The Proper Carrier For Each Order

Using a variety of local, national, and international carrier solutions, keep shipping costs under control with intelligent shipment optimization.