Is LinkedIn Advertising the Right Solution for Your Business?

Is LinkedIn Advertising the Right Solution for Your Business?

Advertising on LinkedIn can be a very lucrative strategy but, in some cases, this way of advertising can turn into a completely wrong move for some businesses.

LinkedIn ads can be great for your business but, if you are a beginner, this type of advertising may not be the right solution for your business. This does not mean that the platform itself is not intuitive. Not. It is actually quite easy to use, but it can take a long time to find your place and start getting significant results on this social network.

Do LinkedIn ads fit into your marketing strategy and, if you want to advertise on LinkedIn, where, when, and how you should do it, are just some of the questions we will try to answer in this text. First of all, let’s go through some other means of advertising your brand that might help you to master advertising on much more demanding channels, such as LinkedIn.

Internet Advertising

In an age of technology and the ever-faster and stronger impact of the Internet, it is time for entrepreneurs, artisans, and individuals to keep up with the current time.

We are aware that all our communication comes down to mobile phones, emails, video calls, and online conferencing. Not only do technology and the Internet make it easier for us to communicate, but they also make it easier and faster to find new clients and customers with online advertising of products and services.

Why do most companies choose to advertise online? The reason for that is simple – we don’t know who sees and hears our advertisement. Research shows that less than 20 % of people actually watch an advertisement on television. The Internet provides us with much more data without much research and a way to steer advertisements to exactly who will respond, which optimizes costs. That is why companies are increasingly opting for online advertising. Digital marketing is becoming one of the main ways to retain old and find new customers. Although not cheap, online marketing is still the cheapest way to advertise.

In order to attract as many new clients and customers as possible, you need to know in which all the most basic ways you can do your advertising and try to advertise the company that way first:

Web Page

Create a website that you can build yourself, either through one of the platforms for creating web pages or through WordPress, and where you will present to your future clients what are the products and services you offer with a picture gallery or a video presentation, brief information about who you are, and instructions on how to contact you.

The advantage is the highlighting of won awards and certificates so that potential clients know why you are a better choice than your competition. To make sure your site is good, you might consider leaving it to professional companies to do it, but give them suggestions on how you want your site to look and what you want to achieve with it.


You can create a registration form or data collection form on your website to send your customers your weekly or monthly offers, catalogs, or notify them of news. In addition, e-mail can be used as a method of sending invitations to establish business cooperation, sending offers, and newsletters.


Individuals who offer certain services, consulting, or products and do not have a registered business or enterprise can create a blog where, with up-to-dateness and the creation of interesting content, they will attract customers very quickly and easily.


Publishing video content, instructions, advertisements, tutorials, and other forms of the video presentation of your business and services is one of the common ways to attract the attention of users.

In addition, you can also pay YouTube to have your ad appear at the beginning of some videos that users in your state often open, such as music videos or short clips.

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook/Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads have come a long way in the last few years, but it is still not something you should get into before you are fully ready.

In our experience, advertising on LinkedIn is a great way to expand your flow. It works best after you build it on other simpler channels, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. LinkedIn ads are not cheap, so this type of advertising is an expensive place to discover your brand or product.

On Facebook, the average cost per click is around $ 1.72. On LinkedIn, you can expect to pay at least $ 2 per click. However, the average click costs about $ 5.74, and the average conversion is about $ 90. On Facebook, the average conversion is $ 55.21. So, you can be sure that advertising on LinkedIn will cost you a little more than advertising on other social networks.

For a company that is at the beginning of its business and that is still trying to build its marketing flow, the high costs of advertising on LinkedIn can be almost an insurmountable obstacle. However, if your business is fairly well established and you are having difficulty achieving much more than your existing campaigns, LinkedIn Ads is a great way to open up the flow and expand your business.

Will LinkedIn Ads Drive Sales Immediately?

The answer to the question above is that they probably will not or at least not to a great extent. LinkedIn can be a good source for potential customers and sales, but only if your business is stable enough that you can give it the time it takes to mature. For many B2B companies, one new client can be worth thousands to millions of additional revenue. For others, at best, it is possible to earn only a few hundred dollars on a new client.

If your business is in the second category, advertising on LinkedIn may not be a good way. If your average order value or lifetime value is not very high, it can be difficult to get a good return on your investment in LinkedIn ads. On the other hand, if a new client is worth a lot to your business, LinkedIn Ads can be a great option for establishing collaboration. High-value clients are usually rarer and harder to get, so LinkedIn’s ultra-specific targeting options could be the perfect way to find the ideal clients.

Do You Have Enough Supporting Content?

Finally, blogs and other content are the ‘language’ of LinkedIn. If you advertise on LinkedIn expecting to get a direct sale, you will be disappointed. Your customers are not on LinkedIn because they want to buy something. They want to learn, connect with each other, and discuss business topics. With that in mind, most of your advertising on LinkedIn will probably revolve around sharing ideas and content. Your prospective customers are more likely to download an e-book than requesting a review or purchase a product.

However, if you want to use LinkedIn ads to attract potential customers with your creative ideas and content, you need to have perfect ideas and content to share. If you do not have a well-developed content marketing strategy, advertising on LinkedIn will be very difficult and without success.

When Is the Right Time to Start LinkedIn Advertising?

For some companies, the answer to the question of when is the right time to start advertising on LinkedIn would be “Yesterday”, and for other companies, the answer would be that it may never be the right time.

If you have made the most of other online marketing channels, but your average order value or enduring customer value is not very high, LinkedIn ads are probably not the right choice for your business. Is there a chance that you will succeed in that case despite everything? Sure, but the odds are not going in your favor.

However, if you have reached the limits of your current marketing channels, have a significant average order value or enduring customer value, and are looking for ways to expand your marketing, LinkedIn ads could fit in perfectly with that idea. This is especially true for companies with a good content marketing strategy and a well-defined customer/client experience.

You can get great results from LinkedIn ads, but only if your company fits this platform. The LinkedIn platform is better than ever and it is an amazing way for B2B businesses to connect with their ideal customers.

LinkedIn: A Place Where Your Company Gains Credibility

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks in the world, so it is not surprising that everyone will reach for these social media. However, these two platforms are not for all ads. Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social platforms also provide the ability to open profiles for free and find potential customers. It is only necessary to investigate what it is that clients use most often.

The point is: if you offer services to other companies, you can find your potential customers much easier on LinkedIn. For business-to-business (B2B) offerings, LinkedIn is a network that delivers a certain amount of seriousness and professionalism precisely because its content is tailored to business communication.