Today, crimes like cyberstalking and cyberbullying have been common. Almost every age person encounters such a painful thing somewhere. Some people are strong who protect themselves and some get affected by it badly.

It’s the responsibility of guardians to protect their loved ones from such harm. But usually, they were unaware of it and their loved ones get continuously affected and don’t even share with anyone due to fear or for any other reason.

In this regard, spy technology has provided the solution by giving us remote access over our loved one’s devices. We can secretly watch our loved ones or employees, to whom they are meeting, who is threatening them, or can prevent them from being the victim of cybercrimes.

Effects of Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking on Kids

  • Cyberbullying affects our people both mental and physical health badly. All aged people affected by such issues, whether it’s, teens, adults, the child or young person.
  • When a person faces it, he/she becomes distressed, alone and can make them overwhelmed.
  • A person feels embarrassed in such a devastating time and can’t even discuss with anyone.
  • A kid maybe being bullied in school, or an adult may have been facing it since childhood, so results come out in depression, sadness, and then in extreme cases a person harm themselves or commit suicide.
  • Cyberbullying can lower the self-esteem of a confident person. A person can lose their relationship in such a situation and start losing weight as well.
  • Cyberstalking is also a harmful thing like cyberbullying. It puts major psychological impacts on the health of a person. You will see such symptoms in the victim, like fear, anger, suicidal ideation, stress, mental disorder, and depression.

Here we will give you the solution to protect your loved ones from such harmful things.

TheOneSpy Spy App

TheOneSpy spyware for android  is a powerful surveillance app that provides a special plan for parents. Its digital parenting solution is full of unique features that empower the parents to keep a naked eye on their kids all activities.

Parents can detect their kid’s secret conversations, accounts, passwords, usernames, friends and many other things. They can also monitor to whom their kids are meeting, where their kids are going, which sites they frequently visit, what are their kid’s interests and who is bullying or threatening to their kids. TOS offers a complete problem solution package based on reliable and outstanding features.

Here we will look at TOS some advance features and their unique functions, which empowers the parents to protect their kids from cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

TheOneSpy Features for Kids Monitoring

TOS cell phone spy app has over 250 reliable features which work efficiently and provide real-time information. Let’s look at some of them one-by-one.

  • Message Tracker

Parents can track to whom their kids are sending messages, or who is sending messages to their kids and which kind of talk going on.

  • Call Logs

If a kid is bullying their friend or any unknown on call, so parents can listen to live calls and can act instantly. Likewise, if any unknown person threat or bully your kid, you can immediately block them.

  • Social Media Accounts Tracker

It empowers the parents to secretly monitor their kids all accounts and conversations in it. Parents can also detect their kid’s secret account and can delete them as well.

  • GPS Location Tracker

Parents can monitor their kids’ live location and can protect them from going to a harmful place.

  • Live 360 Surrounding Listener

It allows the parents to listen to their kid’s conversation, live gossips, and whispering so parents can know, is their kids are safe or not.

  • Live 360 camera streaming

TOS this powerful feature facilitates a lot to parents, as it allows parents to watch their kids live by getting access over their front and back camera as well.

  • E-mail tracker

Parents can monitor who is sending mail to their kid’s account or to whom their kids are sending mail if there is any unknown so parents can ask kids or can block them from kids’ access.


We concluded that TheOneSpy is the best surveillance app which empowers parents to successfully prevent their kids from harmful things like cyberbullying and cyberstalking. Over time, TOS will bring more protective innovative features.

Author Bio

Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She’s also content writer and editor at spysmarts. She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips, software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications