How to Merge PDF Files Without Adobe Reader

How to Merge PDF Files Without Adobe Reader

How to Merge PDF Files Without Adobe Reader

Merging a PDF file is an essential feature of the document format that makes large files more manageable and easy to use. Rather than users sending large PDF files that take up too much storage space or are difficult to send electronically, merging lets users piece together disparate parts of many different PDF files into one. The process of merging or combining PDFs is not as complicated as many believe. With the emergence of several online PDF editors, the process has never been simpler, especially when compared to using more high-end software like the Adobe Acrobat suite of programs. Another bonus is that many online editors are free to use (on a trial basis) and have much better user interfaces to accommodate new users.

The Step-by-Step Process to Combine and Merge PDFs

The way to combine or merge PDFs into a brand new file varies among the different editors out there. Some editors use very simple methods like Drag and Drop functionality that let users easily insert their files into the browser and other web-based editors. Once they have their files uploaded and opened in a new window the process can take many different turns.

Some premium tools like Adobe have specific tools and menus dedicated to merging and combining PDF files. Users of Adobe can easily follow the program’s options menu to apply several merging and combining options. The steps to merge PDFs with other tools are just as, or even, simpler.

Users can upload multiple files from their local hard drive (some programs allow for several file uploads while others are limited). When uploaded, they can open and view them in many ways. A program like Lumin PDF uses a grid-view so users can more easily manage their files and rearrange them in a more straightforward way instead of having to always minimize windows to keep track of them.

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The Step-by-Step Process to Split PDFs

Splitting PDFs is a very similar operation to merging PDFs with the only difference being the result. Splitting a compress pdf means removing unnecessary pages from a PDF fillable form or other types of PDF file to make the document smaller (in length and file size) as well as to break up a larger document into more manageable pieces. This process can be done in a variety of ways depending on the tool being used.

With some applications, it’s a matter of opening the file, selecting the pages that need to be removed or deleted, and deleting them. Users can delete pages one by one or select all the pages they want to be removed and delete them all at once. Afterward, they can save the document as a brand new PDF file or send it off to whomever they want.

Choosing the Best PDF Splitter 

When it comes to the best tool to merge, combine or split PDFs, it all depends on a person’s needs and experience using PDF files. The myriad of online PDF tools means that people have a lot more choice when it comes to how they perform these functions. Online PDF editors were meant to be an alternative to the expensive and complicated options out there, namely the Adobe Acrobat suite. Even if you have jpg files, you can convert the image to PDF and then split or merge the section you want.

A simple Google search can lead people to the many options that exist online, each of which has very simple user interfaces, a variety of different editing options from merging, splitting, or compression and conversion applications, as well as the ability to add, remove and annotate the text. Many of these online tools also come in either downloadable desktop or mobile versions, while some also work directly on your browser.