How Restaurant Robot can Boost your Business

How Restaurant Robot can Boost your Business

It’s no secret that working in the service industry is particularly challenging right now. Existing employees are working harder with less help, and automation is showing up in new ways to make their jobs easier. Here are just three areas where robot technology can have a big impact.

A Safer Work Environment

Robots can take over some of the less pleasant or more taxing aspects of service work. This not only removes some of the burdens on human staff but can also facilitate employee retention by improving the work experience.

Higher Touch Customer Service

By giving your staff more time to interact with guests, you not only improve the dining experience, but tipping can increase your staff’s take-home pay. After implementing a food tracking robot, one restaurant saw a 40% increase in the number of times servers spend with guests. At another restaurant that brought in a robot team member, workers reported receiving higher tips because they were able to spend more time at the tables and provide a personal experience for each guest.

Advantages Of Restaurant Automation

With restaurant robot, there is great potential to reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase profits for the food industry. Benefits of food service robots include:

  • Reduces labour requirements
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduces waiting time for customers
  • Simplifies check-in and check-out times
  • It provides an engaging and intuitive experience for guests
  • It gives consumers easy access to offers
  • It allows consumers to order at their own pace
  • Multitask with precision and speed
  • Longer working hours than humans
  • The same operating costs for many years
  • Unlimited culinary skills and menu options
  • The ability to replicate dishes without mistakes
  • It automates the food or beverage production process
  • It saves money and human resources
  • Reduces food waste
  • It can work 24/7 without breaks
  • It provides consistent quality for years
  • Better throughput
  • Effective cleaning processes
  • It improves the hygiene of production lines and helps prevent food safety violations
  • Create analytics for better efficiency and food quality
  • It frees people from mundane and repetitive tasks
  • It allows customers to communicate with their friends and family
  • Provides a friendly atmosphere to every customer, every time

Challenges of Restaurant Robotics and Automation

The Rise Of The Restaurant Robot

Despite the advantages, robots still need to solve some problems related to cost-effectiveness and the human equation, such as:

Cost and Implementation

Despite efforts to reduce costs, robotics products remain out of budget for small boutique restaurants.

Human Supervision

Although fully or partially automated, restaurant robotics still require some degree of human supervision. Machine learning has advanced significantly, but robots cannot yet adapt to changing situations or read human emotions. These are key factors that affect the overall restaurant experience. People still have to supervise these machines to ensure that customers

The Future of Restaurant Robotics and Automation

Foodservice robots are making waves in the industry, and by all accounts, these machines really seem to be the future. Currently, the goal of introducing such technologies into the food industry is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It is probably easier for larger businesses and international chains to deploy these expensive restaurant robotics solutions. Small restaurants can’t keep up yet. Undoubtedly, affordable automation will be essential in widespread implementation to mitigate the effects of labour shortages and inflation across the industry.