How Does a Dedicated Server Work?

How Does a Dedicated Server Work?

Dedicated Server Hosting represents the best of website hosting in terms of performance. Dedicated Hosting may be expensive, but it is an ideal hosting solution for companies looking for the ultimate in speed, performance and privacy. When the entire server is reserved for your website’s use, you do not have to worry about security as well. A Dedicated Hosting Server is typically used by high-traffic websites to ensure consistency.

A Dedicated Server could be running on any operating system. When you’re out to buy a Dedicated Server for your site, the choice of OS would be decided by the backend technology that your website uses. Web hosting in India may be available in many flavours, but the Dedicated Server Hosting architecture stands out with its unique setup.

A closer look at how a Dedicated Server works will help you understand its performance. But before that, check out this video to understand 5 significant things about a Dedicated Server –

Workings of a Dedicated Hosting Server

1. It Uses Dedicated Hardware

A Dedicated Server is much like a desktop personal computer, with its own set of resources like processor, memory, storage and CPU. The only difference is that it is enterprise-grade hardware, which is more robust. Since a Dedicated Server hosts only one website at a time, these resources are exclusively available for its use. So even if the website sees a spike in traffic, it can cope with the extra load easily.

2. It Gives You an Operating System of Choice

Unlike some other web hosting platforms, Dedicated Server Hosting offers you a choice of operating systems. You can choose the most compatible software platform that will guarantee the most efficient performance for your website. You can further optimise the OS to squeeze out more performance from your dedicated server. This is useful for resource-heavy websites, such as gaming servers and e-commerce portals.

3. It Can Run Custom Software

A website with certain necessary functionalities may need to run custom software. Other hosting platforms are limited in their ability to run such apps. But a Dedicated Server gives you the freedom, and the resources, to run a tailor-made software that you need to run on your website. This feature is useful for service-oriented websites, such as ticket booking websites, banking websites, etc., that run proprietary systems.

4. It Is Highly Customisable

Apart from running custom software, some websites need a custom setup which is not available on all hosting platforms. Dedicated Server Hosting allows you to fully customise your hosting setup, the way you want it to get the best performance from your website. There are no other websites on the server to play spoilsport.

5. It Is Very Secure

Security is a prime concern for all the websites that exist online. A Shared Hosting environment is especially vulnerable to threats as it leaves open a large number of potential breach points. Every additional website on the server is a security threat. This is not a problem in Dedicated Server Hosting as only a single website occupies the server. It makes Dedicated Server Hosting the most secure web hosting platform.

A Dedicated Hosting Server may not be the ideal choice for everybody. But that does not change the fact that it is among the best hosting solutions available today. However, to make the most of a Dedicated Server, it is imperative to buy a Dedicated Hosting plan after careful research and comparison and from a reliable hosting provider.