How can You Build Links that Can Outrank Your SERP Competitors?

How can You Build Links that Can Outrank Your SERP Competitors?

One of the most powerful ways to boost up your SEO is building links that help you to have a higher rank in Google. Very often, people attempt the mistakes in building links by focusing on either the number of links or on the quality only. However, an effective way to build up links, thus gives your website enough fuel to outrank your other SERP competitors properly. But the question is how to do it rightly. Though it is a bit complicated at the beginning to understand the flow or the rhythm in which it works, it’s not that tough to acquire the motion. Here is how you can build links like SEO Company Melbourne that are capable enough to outrank your SERP competitors:

Start Building Links on the Pages that made their Current Appearance on SERP:

One of the best ways to build links to outrank the SERP competitors is to start with link building with the pages which are very recent at the top of the search results with relevant topics. Pick pages whose ranks are quite current and high on Google results. Search with the relevant topic that your content is about. Those pages already come with various backed uplinks, which are going to increase the traffic on your page with better SEO value. Use any efficient SEO tools to search the list of those pages.

The one Link Building Strategy needs to be Replaced:

Google Analytics is going to look for a multitude of relevance in your SEO content while building quality links. You can pick the combination of various strategies like link insertion, guest blogging, etc., to make it more natural. Having an insight into the link- building strategy of your competitors can help you much in this matter. Pick a report that comes with page lists which are having better link growths associated with them. Many pages come up with various URLs that reveal the way the links have been acquired. Whether it is internal linking or guest blogging can be effective.

How can You Build Links that Can Outrank Your SERP Competitors?

Pick Links that have Better SEO Value:

If you want to target high SEO for link build-up, you need to avoid pages that are extensively popular with the rating. Target websites that do not accept guest post blogging or anything else. Goggle is quite efficient in detecting activities that have to lessen SEO value. It is going to be very useful for high SEO if you can find corporate blogs that do not necessarily accept guest posts, as it is going to bring better quality links than any other well-known websites.

Go for an Analysis of the URLs, which are your main Competitor:

If you are aiming to outrank your competition, then you have to build links that are quite similar to the quality of your competitors if your domain rating is similar to theirs. You need to work on links a bit more if your domain rating is lower than your competitor’s. using any efficient link building tools can give you a better insight into the list of sites that your rivals are using to build their links


To target the higher rank in SERP is easier to do with proper link building. It is not necessary to use a large list of links; sometimes, you can even outrank the most popular page with just one link. It’s all about knowing the right strategy. However, you can avail the help of various tools that come with multiple reports about link building and help you in better research on the strategy.