Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art and discipline whose activity involves the creation of visual communication intended to convey specific social messages to particular social groups, usually with precise goals. Graphic design usually employs the use of typography, images, and interactivity for the purpose of conveying a message. It includes a number of related fields such as advertising, product design, and the visual arts. The graphic design industry is an ever-expanding field and it is expected to grow in size and complexity over the years.

Many different types of designers are involved in graphic design. These include traditional artists, freelance designers, web designers, and environmental graphic designers. A designer working in environmental graphic design may be involved in the creation of concept arts, illustrations, paintings, and/or printed materials for the purpose of communicating environmental information about a subject. A web designer creates digital materials to be used for communicating information. Many web designers also create logos, fonts, and screen-scraping tools.

The entire graphic design process begins with a series of user studies. User studies are studies on how people use various computer programs and how these people use certain technologies. This research helps designers determine how to best present information so that it is appealing to the target audience.


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After the user research phase, designers must establish concepts that will be expressed through their designs. Concept planning is an important part of the graphic design skills development process. Often, designers will begin working on designs by asking a simple question: “What is the biggest problem users might have when using this program?” From this brainstorming stage, designers can develop concepts to resolve this problem.

The next step in graphic design is to develop artwork that is meant to convey the desired message. This artwork is then ready to be created into a website. Many graphic designers create their websites themselves to make sure they are consistent with the desired style. However, some graphic designers create website templates so that they do not have to worry about being inconsistent.

While many graphic design skills are learned on the job, others are taught throughout the years by taking classes in graphic design at a graphic design school or online. Online classes allow graphic designers to learn more advanced techniques, while gaining valuable experience and networking with other designers. As technology continues to grow, graphic designers will continue to use the tools they have learned from the past to enhance the user experience communicate messages with their audience and to enhance their portfolios.