Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

We’re taught fire safety tips when we’re in elementary school and drills are enforced throughout our lives, but how much do people really understand how they can prevent fires in their homes? There are many different approaches to keeping people safe from fires depending on what environment they’re in, such as oilfield fire safety or workplace fire safety. For most people, though, they only need to know how to keep fires at bay in their living spaces. Luckily, there are plenty of resources that offer helpful advice to do just that.

The Basics

Smoke alarms are the first line of defense against house fires. You should be sure to install a smoke alarm in every level of your house and in all the bedrooms to ensure every member of the household is alerted if a fire happens. The bedrooms are necessary in case a fire starts in the night to ensure a sleeping person will hear the alarm. Additionally, you should be sure to check that each alarm is functioning once a month because they do run on batteries and sometimes the batteries can die without you realizing it. 

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Every home should have a fire plan that each family member is aware of. You can call a family meeting to discuss the plan and even draw a map for younger children to follow just in case. If you move homes, be sure to create a new plan for the new house. The most important thing to remember if there’s a fire in your house is to get out and stay out. It might be tempting to rush back in to grab a momento or family heirloom, but this can be incredibly dangerous. Once you leave your home, call for help, and wait for authorities to arrive.

Everyday Advice

Most fires start when someone is cooking, so it’s important to know some basic safety measures to take in the kitchen. Never walk away from the stove if you’re grilling, broiling, or frying food. Any time you use oil on the stovetop, there’s a potential for fire. If your oil or grease does catch fire, do not pour water on it as this will only exacerbate the flames. You want to smother the fire with a moist cloth over the pan.

Fires can be devastating, but preventing them can be easy if you follow the safety guidelines and rules professionals recommend for every house.