Finding an Easy Way to Earn? Join MilesWeb Affiliate Program

Finding an Easy Way to Earn? Join MilesWeb Affiliate Program

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” -Thomas Edison

As said by Thomas Edison most of us miss opportunities because we don’t see them as one. We always have opportunities right in front of our eyes but we’re lazy enough to work for them. Speaking about opportunities, we are going to see how a click can prove to be an opportunity for you, when you are dealing with online marketing. The central element in everyone’s life is making money. With digitization earning with the help of online medium has become the topic of prime focus. Moreover, who doesn’t want their bank accounts to get credited just by clicking on links? But have you thought about the process ever? If not here’s a chance to know about, how you can generate revenue through the term called affiliate marketing.

Before directly jumping on to the core topic, let’s have a look on what is affiliate marketing.

How one can become an affiliate?

Consideran example of Celebrity Endorsement of Nike by LeBron James, where LeBron an American basketball player is promoting the products of the Nike brand. What is he getting in returns for the promotion?? Ultimately, the promotions are going to reach out to the maximum audience and LeBron will be paid the highest commission. LeBron is a promoter he is earning from the sales. So it’s a win-win situation for both, LeBron and Nike.

Here, the term promoter signifies affiliate. An affiliate is a person who promotes goods, services, labels, etc. that of other companies or an individual and earns money in different ways like, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead, etc.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In simplified words, you are working with a business that offers products/services to your audience that you would like to recommend. You get a commission from the sale if they purchase anything through your referral account. Other forms of partner services exist, but this is the most popular and what I do as well.

Here’s what you can do to earn money with affiliate marketing.

  1. Find a suitable partner: Analyze your area of interest. Once you are ready to get started being an affiliate, you have to wisely choose your partner. What you want and what your partner is providing you is very important. Choosing your partner can prove to be a big task but, once you are with the trusted partner things work smoothly.

Sharing my own experience regarding the same I noticed, hosting is a competitive space, but I was tempted by the commissions. It is vital to see if you are getting enough paid for the work you are doing. I also experienced downfalls with some of the companies, but that didn’t stop my search for being an affiliate.

I discovered my niche was MilesWeb, the best hosting company with a high commission partner program starting from ₹200 to ₹2000. I produced blogs on topics that might be useful to people in my niche (and would want to change their host), that’s what brought me to earn a handsome amount.

Start your YouTube channel

1. Write blogs/Start your YouTube channel: Though there is no comparison between blogging and making YouTube videos, you can still opt for whatever is well suited for you. You have the ownership of your blog, unlike YouTube.

2. Increase traffic before Sale: Before you start with promoting products using an hosting  affiliate program on your website, you have to be very crucial about the traffic. No or less traffic is going to result in no sales. Ultimately,you aregoing to lose on earning the commission. But, once you gain traffic you can quickly add affiliate links to blog entries, where you already list the products/services of your affiliate until you get visitors and are accepted by affiliates. First of all, don’t dwell on capital, but include it in your strategy

3. Sign up for an affiliate program with MilesWeb: Signingup with the MilesWeb affiliate program is free. Web hosting and affiliate programs the best combo I have come across over the internet so far with MilesWeb. The companyat this moment has more than 2200 active affiliates. Referral commission is ₹500 per customer for shared hosting, ₹1000 for reseller hosting and, increases to ₹2500 per sale for VPS hosting. For AWS windows cloud you can earn ₹5000 in a go. Isn’t that astounding!

Learn about the plans MilesWeb is providing

4. Learn about the plans MilesWeb is providing: Understand all the plans well provided by MilesWeb to make the process of earning easy. As the affiliate program provided by MilesWeb has a single tire architecture, you get paid directly from the sales generated through your affiliate link.

Add affiliate links to the content you create

5. Add affiliate links to the content you create: The only technique used which is the most common is the inclusion of affiliate links in your content (text/images/buttons). People who really read your things are going to buy something you suggest.They certainly won’t click on an annoying banner commercial. Make sure the banners you are flashing are attractive and convincing.

6. Know how SEO works: To become the highest-paid affiliate, you need to know how SEO works. That will help you gain traffic to your website. SEO is the most popular medium to gain consistent traffic. Learn more about keyword search. Use the right keywords.

7. Be careful with the commissions you get:With the affiliate programs provided by some companies, you may have to deal with deduction of commission whereas with MilesWeb, you’ll never have to think about this. You are only increasing the revenue with each sale through the affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is all about smart work. The smarter you are the more profit you are ought-to get. As one doesn’t have to make physical efforts for affiliate marketing, it is the easiest way of earning money without even having your company, product, service, etc.

Without a delay get started with putting a step ahead and become an affiliate of MilesWeb. Because that’s the easiest way to earn and sooner or later key to happiness!!!!