Facebook Messenger Marketing With Digital Media

Facebook Messenger Marketing With Digital Media

You should remember that Facebook Messenger marketing is becoming more and more popular when compared with other digital promotion strategies. It is straightforward, and you can make it work for you without spending an entire fortune on promotion. As soon as you visit this site: https://smartbotmarketers.com/, you will be able to learn how to implement chatbots within this particular strategy.

Remember that Messenger has approximately sixty percent of click-through rates, eighty percent open rates, and higher conversion rates when compared with other strategies that you can use.

We will provide you a comprehensive guide so that you can start the promotion by yourself.

1.Private Auto-Responders on Posts

Digital Media

This particular type of bot will provide you a possibility to create and generate organic posts on Facebook. Therefore, you will get the ability to send a message to each profile and person that leaves a comment on your posts.

As you can see, you will get auto-responder on your Facebook post, which is a perfect way to increase overall engagement. It works by following this particular scheme:

  • Someone has to leave a comment on your post.
  • That person will receive an automatic reply immediately after commenting, which will increase the percentage of engagement and allow you to create a more responsive approach to customer support.

Keep in mind that if someone comments your post, it does not mean that he/she is lead. That is the main reason why you should implement a bot because, through it, you can close the lead loop and convert a visitor into a customer with ease.

As soon as they reply to the message, it means that they are more likely to become your customers. Since all bots will have the proper information, they can guide your visitors throughout the selling process.

Learn more about messaging bots by clicking here.

According to marketers, an automatic reply on Facebook posts is an essential part of marketing that will provide you these benefits:

  • Entirely Free Of Charge – The main reason why you should consider implementing this particular approach is that you do not have to pay for leads as with other marketing strategies and replies. Have in mind that compared with Facebook ads, you are not paying per lead, which will ultimately increase the number of visitors without spending an entire fortune for a team of marketers.
  • Perfect List Building Strategy – As soon as someone leaves a comment and then starts to engage with a chatbot, you will be able to place him/her into a list so that you can send them new promotions and discounts.
  • It Is Important Part of Facebook Optimization – Facebook features an algorithm that will reward overall engagement, which means that you will be more transparent on its Feed, which will also increase the number of customers and so on.

2.Chat Blasting

Digital Media

This is another popular strategy you should remember because it includes the ability to send a Messenger cat to everyone you have on the list. It is similar to email blasting, but much better because the overall engagement is much better than other forms.

According to statistics, approximately you will get 80% open rates in the first hour after sending it. Compared with email marketing, the overall open rate is five percent, which means that Messenger is much more efficient in general.

Before you decide to use this particular strategy, you should apply for a subscription messaging possibility directly on FB. Even though it sounds like a big deal, in reality, it is not. You have to go to the Facebook page and you will find in far right corner Settings.

Inside, you have to enter the Messenger Platform and enter Advanced Messaging Features. You will notice “request” and click on it to continue with this particular feature.

Remember that Facebook administrators will handle the submission manually, so you should wait for a few days until you can do it.

On the other hand, even if you get the subscription feature, you should know what to write to maintain perfect engagement. If you create a message that will directly promote your brand and products that will not end up well.

You have to confirm a statement from Facebook in which you will agree that you will not use a subscription messaging to send promotional messages and advertisements. Therefore, the goal is to create content that will be simple, interesting and smooth, without transparent call-to-action.

This particular feature will give you a possibility to handle the following things:

  • You will maintain a high level of engagement to most devoted people
  • You will allow them to get a perfect chatbot experience based on their needs and requirements.

We recommend you to visit this link: https://www.business2community.com/customer-experience/why-is-customer-engagement-important-and-valuable-02238103 to understand the importance of customer engagement.

3.Click to Messenger Ad

This particular form of advertising includes the action that will allow visitors to send you a message directly after clicking on an ad, instead of learning more about it in the first place.

General Messenger ads appear as a direct link towards a shopping cart or E-Commerce website. Instead of doing that, you can prompt people to send you messages so that you can improve engagement and use a chatbot to convert them with ease.

Remember that most messages and ads inside will convert approximately 99%, but you have research for the target audience and choose everything else, including email, photo, name, dislikes and many more.

When compared with conventional FB ads, it is a much cheaper solution and it will provide you greater efficiency in general, which is an important consideration when choosing a digital marketing strategy for your business purposes.

Even though you can create an ad for five dollars, which is too good to be true, people have not learned anything about Messenger marketing.

As soon as someone sees your Messenger ad, the magic will happen because chatbot will take over and convert that person by using pre-programmed sentences.

As you improve interaction and engagement, that will increase a compelling emotion which is much better than going to a landing page or shopping cart after clicking.

In today’s world of marketing, FB Messenger has the most significant potential, and even though it is not popular as other forms, it is gaining momentum and will take over in a matter of years.

That is something you have to remember before choosing the best strategy that will help you along the way.