Creating a LinkedIn Ads Remarketing Campaign: Start to Finish Guide

Creating a LinkedIn Ads Remarketing Campaign: Start to Finish Guide

Hey! Congratulations on those big numbers. Yes, we are talking about the traffic on your website.

Too many people visiting, right? Hoping for big conversions ahead? After all, people are on your website already. They’d make a purchase or schedule a visit or book your service soon, right?


Here’s a sobering statistic to bring you down from your high horse.

92% of first-time visitors on your website have no intentions of making a purchase.

Landing pages aren’t much better. Only 9.7% of those who land on your landing page actually turn into customers.

Rest all?

They bounce out of your sales funnel.

Instead of getting upset about customer behavior that you can hardly change, know what you need to do.


Retargeted ads have a ten times higher clickthrough rate than regular display ads.

See, that’s the solution right there.

And it works in the B2B world of LinkedIn too. All you need to do is make effective utilization of LinkedIn’s retargeting and remarketing capacities.

LinkedIn Ads Remarketing Campaign – Why Do You Even Need a Guide?

I know how remarketing works. I’ll just use my know-how for LinkedIn and get quick results.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but LinkedIn isn’t your regular Google Display Network. You need to have LinkedIn-specific know-how to get to the results you seek.

For one, the system is different.

And two, the strategies need to be different too.

Hence, this guide – the torch for you to show you the way ahead in an otherwise dark tunnel.

Retargeting vs. Remarketing – Is It the Same?

Glad this question popped up in your head.

(We were anyway itching to tell you because it IS important to know.)

Retargeting and remarketing are two different marketing techniques that work towards the same end goal. The results that you’d achieve with effective retargeting or remarketing is that one-time visitors would become your regulars.

Remarketing uses emails for that. And retargeting relies on ads and other paid efforts.

The difference was legit a decade ago. But now the lines are blurring. Email isn’t a separate segment, and email marketing often goes hand-in-hand with pay-per-click ads.

Bottom line: For the purpose of this guide (and even for general usage today), retargeting and remarketing are interchangeable terms used to describe efforts taken to convert audience members who have had an initial interaction with your brand.

LinkedIn Remarketing Guide – Your Roadmap to Success

LinkedIn is an often ignored aspect of SEM. For B2B businesses, it is a goldmine waiting to be explored.

The numbers all point out to it.

  • The average LinkedIn user earns roughly $75,000 per annum. This means they are educated, earn well, and actually have some money to spend.
  • 80% B2B leads in PPC campaigns come from LinkedIn.
  • 58% of marketers say that LinkedIn delivers the best value in terms of ad spend, engagement, and even lead quality.

Add the power of retargeting to that, and you’d realize how powerful and rewarding your LinkedIn ads remarketing campaign could be.

So let’s just get down to business now.

Install The LinkedIn Insight Tag

To be able to retarget people who visited your website, you need to first know who visited you, right?

LinkedIn Insight Tag is a unique piece of cookie-dropping code that tracks who came to your website. Installing this Insight Tag on your website is the first thing you need to do.

You know what Facebook Pixel is, right? The Insight Tag is LinkedIn’s version of the Pixel. It sends a cookie to your visitor’s browser. And then LinkedIn is able to tell you which of its users visited which page of your website.

Matched Audience – Getting Down to The Real Deal

Once you have set the base with the Insight Tag, it is time to build a structure with Matched Audience.

Different groups of people have interacted with your brand and are now on your remarketing radar.

A few categories of people could be –

  • Those who submitted their email id using the LinkedIn lead form.
  • Someone who visited your website.
  • People who watched your video ad.

And there could be several other categories too.

You’ll need separate groups for these different types of people you want to remarket to.

And Matched Audience is LinkedIn lingo for those groups.

Use the steps mentioned below to create Matched Audience groups –

  • Go to LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager dashboard.
  • Click on Account Assets
  • Go to the Matched Audience option.
  • You’ll be taken to the next screen, where you have to click on Create Audience. (A button you’d find in blue.)
  • Select the type of Matched Audience you want using the dropdown menu and get started.

Depending on which category you select, the process of creating the Audience would vary a little.

Once you have done that, set up your retargeting campaign just like you set up a regular ad campaign on LinkedIn. Just don’t go about selecting audience attributes, instead select the Matched Audiences that you have created.

If you aren’t sure how setting up an ad campaign on LinkedIn works, don’t try the trial and error method. Hire SEM experts with proven experience of working with LinkedIn ads and remarketing campaigns.

Is LinkedIn Remarketing Right for You?

LinkedIn has attractive numbers when it comes to getting leads for B2B businesses. And it isn’t uncommon to get blinded by the bling and fail to see whether the numbers are actually good for your business or not.

Before you start rolling with your LinkedIn ads remarketing campaign, ask yourself this one question –

“Is my target audience using LinkedIn?”

How to find the answer to that question?

Here are some facts and figures about LinkedIn’s user base –

Inference – It is good for B2B companies.

  • 60% of LinkedIn’s user base is made up of millennials

Inference – LinkedIn is good for targeting and remarketing to the younger audience.

  • Only 9% of LinkedIn users are those whose highest educational qualification is having passed high school.

Inference – If your audience isn’t likely to be highly educated, LinkedIn might not be the right platform for you.

With that, you must have gotten an idea about whether LinkedIn is the right remarketing platform for you or not.

In case LinkedIn doesn’t fit the bill for you, there are several other types of search engine marketing platforms and options that you can use for retargeting and remarketing.

No matter what channel you use, LinkedIn, or anything else, ensure you have expert guidance.

Trusting your gut feeling and trying out random strategy advice you found online isn’t always the best way to do business.

Getting The Best Out of Your LinkedIn Remarketing Efforts

Imagine this. You spend several hours and a lot of dollars in setting up your LinkedIn ads remarketing campaign. But instead of getting you leads and turning people into loyal customers, the campaign just annoys the hell out of potential clients. Your reputation is sabotaged, your time and efforts have been flushed down the drain, and you lost money in the process.

It might sound unlikely, but getting started without guidance and experience are the key ingredients for cooking up such a disaster.

Don’t let that happen to your business. Hire an SEM agency instead.

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