Can I Live Stream Footage from Traffic Cameras?

Can I Live Stream Footage from Traffic Cameras?

Now this is quite an interesting question. You see there are multiple different reasons as to why people might want to stream live footage from traffic cameras. Most of the times, it is for security purposes around specific property.

Easy Access to The Footage

Sometimes, it is simply because of the fact that, they are streaming it live for the people to gain views. Whichever the case, in general yes, it is rather easy to gain access to the footage of traffic cameras and other security cameras the stream it live.

The real question however is if people are actually going to be able to see that footage. Try to imagine this. You have gone through a lot of trouble to gain access to that footage and, when you actually do start streaming it you realize that most of your viewers in order for them are not able to gain access to the stream.

Internet Speed Is Your Enemy

Low bandwidth is unfortunately your enemy in this particular case and the only way to defeat that enemy is to basically change the format of the video you are going to be live streaming. Now in most cases to be able to stream traffic cameras on the web and mobile you basically need some basic transcoding.

With transcoding, you’re changing the entire format of the video and you are basically allowing every viewer regardless of their bandwidth to be able to stream your videos wherever they are. Whether they are using their desktop computer, laptop, a television connected to the Internet or even their mobile phones.

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You Need Transcoding

If you take some time to think about it and you’re going to realize that, the more transcoding you use a more likely you are to actually give people more access to your material. That way, you will be gaining more viewers which is the end result for you.

Of course, finding the right equipment and the right software is not easy. Many out there claim to be able to do transcoding but only a few of them can do it correctly. You don’t want the video to simply cut over time or the quality to break after a few minutes.

You will nothing but the best professionals in this is what you need to be looking for. Search for traffic camera transcoding services and equipment. Even if you have to pay a little bit of extra you are definitely going to get the results you are looking for.